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  1. Are those libraries mapped to your steam install?
  2. Could be an issue where you steam library folders got deleted some how, do you have any other drives? If so I would check to see if there are any steam libraries on them
  3. Dane

    weapons crate

    Hi Doc, Last I recall there should be a method already there, Players are able to loaded items in vehicles. See the below change log: Only able to sell directly loaded items (Level 1)  Example: Hunter has a tow tractor and crate loaded inside Tow Tractor has a crate loaded Selling the hunter's loaded cargo will result in the losing the profit for the crate inside the tow tractor 
  4. Are you able to get in the server now?
  5. Are you using the m.2 as a boot drive? Also make sure the CPU fan header is connected, otherwise it wont post. Another thing to check is the CPU power connection, try reseating it.
  6. Last I recall the mod ended up causing some issues with the server
  7. It is already implemented (it was introduced in exile by default with the 1.0.4 update). You need to have a territory to use the virtual garage.
  8. Bodies will despawn after 60 minutes. If you were not able to get to your body after that time period then it is working as intended. Sorry.
  9. Hotwire and the scanner are indeed disabled. An official stance on why announcing missions in side chat is a language issue. Multiple nationalities play Arma with different language capabilities. Which is why it is not required to announce in side chat. You should be checking for marks on the map to see who is doing what mission.
  10. As of 1925 EST 18 Aug 2018 - this thread is now locked by OGG Staff. Only the names on the Rosters above this post may use the War PVP rules. As well, only the names in the Rosters above may participate in the Pitched Battle and any Sieges that take place.
  11. Helm's Deep has been notified of the war declaration and are aware of it. As of this post the war between FIRST LEGION AURELIAN and HELM'S DEEP is now LIVE. 24hr window for roster submission begins as of this post. Each warring party/ally MUST declare their support for one side or the other AND submit their roster in the thread. When 24hrs are up - ONLY the rosters submitted PRIOR to the thread lock may participate in the WAR (War pvp rules, pitched battle and siege) - anyone who violates this will be subject to banning by the OGG staff. Good hunting!
  12. The heli was never updated, I deleted your character to try and sovle your issue of getting kicked on restart. Are you still getting kicked?
  13. Try rejoining the server
  14. What is your in game name?
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