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  1. You can download the previous version and force the launcher to use that. http://palmbeachpc.com/@Exile-1.0.4.zip bit of fun to get the launcher around it but I got into the server.
  2. I found it btw, just in case anybody is still hunting for it.
  3. Whilst I'm impressed, I'm pretty sure that was not a static mission.
  4. Ah, missed the static one, sorry. I am also fine with open vics being fair game, just want it to say such, all it really says is no "stealing". As far as I can tell you cant hotwire or use the scanner so what does that mean exactly? My point was about calling out missions in side chat(I'd like that to be a requirement), not arguing that missions MUST be marked on the map. Again, not arguing against any existing rules, just want more clarity in the written ones.
  5. I would like to see the rules in the XM8 updated to reflect what I understand them to be. Rules in XM8 make no mention of calling out mission in side chat. Says to mark while in Side chat but not to announce it, may be optional but I think it shouldn't be. Does not say Static missions cannot be claimed. A mention of unlocked vehicles not in bases being fair game would be nice also. Probably more but I can't think of anything. Just one more thing certain mission snaking poopers use as an excuse.
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