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  1. Unchecked ExileMod and checked @Exile - had a few error messages but was able to get in.
  2. In the Game Launcher, I now see the server. When I "Join", I pick - update Mods and Join. It starts loading then I get an error - Session lost - @Exile\addons\exile_client.pbo
  3. To Add - I don't see it in the game browser. Went into the A3 Launcher through Advanced, added the mods, launched - went to recent - it shows "Server locked by Admin".....
  4. Can't find Exile PVE Server in my launcher? Any help? Thanks…..
  5. Thanks for the responses - I'll give that a shot.
  6. Any suggestions? I had the server saved as a favorite - now I can't find it under search - and I do not see it on the list. Thanks in advance
  7. Got it - had to re install ARMA 3 through Steam....? Back in the game!
  8. Thanks - verified all - seems OK - still can't get in and get the same message. When in Steam - it shows that I have all the DLCs - but it also shows none are installed? I'm stuck. Thanks for the reply.
  9. When I log in, I get a warning - Mission Terminated - DLC content required? Never seen that one before - what do I need to do? Is it a Steam issue? Thanks in advance.
  10. Seems that Battleye wants to keep restarting. Need some suggestions on where to start. Thanks Pat
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