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  1. The Old Timers of this community offer our heartfelt condolences. BigRed was a very important and large part of the community during a stressful time. He brought balance and entertainment to those of us who had the privilege to know him. Just know that he will be missed and fondly remembered.
  2. This is your chance to help manage our ARK server. If you know of a particular building, dino, player-owned crap, that is now unused and unloved and needs to go. You need to post that stuff here. I will need a grid and description in order to find it and take care of it. I am not superman so it may take a week to get to it. I enjoy playing more than deleting your crap. I will work on it though and try to keep our server cleaned up so we do not need to turn on decay. I despise decay. PLEASE HELP KEEP OUR SERVER CLEAN!
  3. Deadman


    I have been abducted by a new game and would like to invite our members and / or find our member who would like to play or are already playing this game. The title is not new, I am new to it. Eve Online is the culprit of my abduction. If any would like to join me message me or look me up in game "Deadman OGG". In and around Minmatar!!!! Looking forward to company!
  4. I was just thinking the same HeiN....Need an upgrade and pass my current rig off to the daughter. Mike doesn't need it, he bought one himself to college...........Damn, Feeling old now.
  5. The Cup mods (all three) were updated overnight. We had a connection issue this morning and just wanted to let everyone know that we have corrected the server files and now are running the latest CUP mods at this time.
  6. Well Technically they are not here but we have a license and a design and we are taking orders. We will take orders until the end of September and place the orders on October 1st, 2016. There will be other orders and other shirts as well, Likely in October.... Anyhow the T-shirts are priced at $25.00. Sounds a little high however we are using every dollar made on server rental so this way you get a new shirt along with your donations. Thanks for the support guys! Image Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B54yefQj3ut2Q3l0VXlyMW5LNUU T-shirt runs in standard (American) Sizing. Email: deadman@old-guys-gaming.com for orders (someday I will figure our shopping carts....lol!)
  7. Looks like the Minecraft server "Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved" Is stable. We are not going live just yet, however we are looking for any members that would like to put their personal touches on the main spawn point. We will give op perms and allow those selected to build in creative and bring the Main city to life. If you have any questions just reply here or email and we will get you started. Thanks!
  8. Deadman

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    I like this a lot.......
  9. We love your points. 1: When I log into the current configuration I get 25 frames with 6 players on. 2: When I join the test server with a smaller CPU set the same with only a database wipe I get 50 frames (even with the jets flying and spawning in the new AI system) We are looking for this kind of feedback, especially from our longer standing members. We would love to reduce the problem but in the mean time while we set all that up we need to do something dramatic to help first. I am not convinced that it is just the buildings because there are systems in place that should be removing those after they are abandoned. Part of what people do like here is the ease of play ( how fast you can make money's ) So if we go playing around with the loot/traders I would like to ensure we aren't killing the population. You are the reason we are doing this. If you get on and let us know that you do not want this then we can discuss other things. The end subject is, if we want some performance increase we have to remove some database items. If you want that permanent then we will have to remove some mods. If you want 50 + frames then we need an exile only server. That is what we are seeing. I have joined dozens of other servers with similar mods and AI loads as well as player loads in the past couple of weeks and have found no real difference other than the ones that had a recent wipe were faster. Less lag, more frames. I can't see your machine or how you play. If you explode everything then there will be lag. #1stworldArmaproblems!
  10. We have found a massive amount of lag reduced by wiping the database. This resulted in a 40 % increase across the board to all parties that tested the change. This was tested with both high end Nvidea and AMD cards as well as lower end cards and we found this increase was effective to all. We are going to perform a server wipe to the server within the next ten days. We are also going to begin wiping the server in either a 4 month time frame or 6 month time frame to ensure that we keep the server working as it should. There will be a starting tab that all players that have logged into the server within the last month will get to help get started. We are trying to decide between 100,000 tabs or 250,000 tabs. Let us know your thoughts and concerns in a reply. Also, tell us what tabs should be started with and why so we can decide what will work the best. At this time we are not going to refund/start with respect. This will help reduce base size for a while. Thanks guys!
  11. The other question to ask. Are the other servers similar in population/items in database. Also, do they have all the same mods. Not more or different mods, Must be the same mods. I am looking for feedback and just need to be sure to ask these questions before we start to remove and change mods.
  12. Coming along very nicely foxeh!
  13. We have Strange helping out with video's and getting them uploaded now. Feel free to hit him up and lend us some of your best stuff. Submit video to me and we will start to piece them together on our YouTube channel! submission should go to deadman@old-guys-gaming.com for now and we will get them fed into Strange's hands for editing and upload! Update: Please use the link in the navigation bar at the top of the forums to submit videos for our youtube channel. You must be logged in to see the link to submit videos! Please use this format for the file name: Username-Date-Title -Dane
  14. I like some of those points. Others I'm not sure how to implement fairly. We do have rules for admins. If you don't see them it is because you aren't an admin. We are contacting the whole team and clarifying the duties of admin on these servers. We will also work on a cleaned up version of "rules" that we are going to post for players so that they know when it is and isn't appropriate to contact the team for help. Out team does play actively for the most part. There are exceptions to that rule like X8, He usually is not playing the missions and when he does he turns off the tools. Also, there are logs on all the admins so that I can see who-dun-it. The admin team does not have access to that just the few who do the setup. This is so we can roll back through and see what happened and then discuss it. We strive to have a fair and fun experience for the community and we will resolve this ASAP. Thanks again!
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