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  2. Who do i need to contact about an account problem on the forum/site ?
  3. Enhanced Movement is helpful when doing missions. You can usually find cover which you otherwise would not have access to. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=333310405 Vector Building would be a great addition. I love building bases almost as much as playing the game; you can get pretty creative with vector building. I thought Vector Building was now part of Exile, but I may be wrong.
  4. Enjoy playing on your server. It's been a long time since I've played ARMA3, so bare with me.
    I used to setup and program ARMA3 servers.

    "I am sore wounded but not slain I will lay me down and bleed a while And then rise up to fight again" --John Dryden

  5. There will be server maintenance on the main server (Arma 3 and Empyrion) at 1200 to 1330 ET on Feb 14, 2021. During this time the server will be unreachable. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  6. The second of 3 hidden tanks has been found. The last hidden tank on the map is Green. It's a M1128 MGS The newest clue is ''It's west of the trader''
  7. Dane


    January Changes [NEW] Exile Portal Added vehicles to live map [Changes] Exile Portal Optimized some things on the portal [NEW] Altis PvE Server Added Extended base mod [Changes] Altis PvE Server Changed vote day/night to the following: 66% Minimum vote requirement 75% Popular vote to change to day/night
  8. Well, the busses (Ikarus) are gone. They've all been found and removed from their hiding spots. Update on the tanks: 1 of the tanks has been found. It was a Challenger and it was in the radioactive area. Congrats! Remember, there are still 2 hidden tanks on the map. Good luck, have fun!!
  9. Another clue? OK. The middle bus (Ikarus) is also on a point. What a lovely sunset!
  10. There are now 2 Busses left, 1 has been found. Also, here's a clue: The 3 busses (Ikarus) were all in a straight line across the map (who knows at what degree) and the first one was found at co-ordinates: 240 154 Also, there are still 3 tanks hidden around the map. Good luck.
  11. There are now 3 Black Exile Busses (Ikarus) on the map. The code for them is 2021 and they each contain 30 'Money' which is sellable. (70k) Good luck!
  12. These were epic. Btw. We ended up doing all of them. Subsequently, a blast was had. I'm always down for shitsho...err..flawless cqb battles! If anyone is up for it, let's go!
  13. Hello friends. Tell me here an old game site that is good, and that has all games from Sega, Nintendo and Gameboy. Thanks
  14. So I've talked to a few people and would like to know who is down to join a OGG clan this will be on arma 3. And playing on pvp servers. This is to be a elite clan with everyone have their place in the clan and jobs to be handed out. So people that we play against want to come at us or join the clan will come and play on OGG servers. If you want to join or talk about it hit me up come on ts and we can figure something out.
  15. i did as well for a couple years. i still play on and off.. but i cant play the same game non stop or i will get tired of it
  16. Understood, just sad to see the server empty... but I left for a few years so I am part of the problem
  17. it has its days, but for the most part, exile does not seem to be popular anymore.. people are either going to pvp based servers or different mods... alot are going for milsim these days....... ill get with the other admins and see if we cant come up with a revive exile event or something along those lines.
  18. I jumped on the past two days wanting to play some Exile but have not seen anyone on, is the server still active?
  19. Hi X8, glad to see you're still running the show over there. Thanks for the help.
  20. Hello, i have put a refund for the vics in your bank. Enjoy.
  21. What server?: Arma 3 Exile Altis PvEWhat happened?: My Strider GMG and Tow Tractor (10k capacity version) did that fun thing where they flip over and disappear into the ground. Not sure if the tractor will resurface after a reboot, but the Strider blew up. I'm sad now. Any chance of getting them replaced?How long?: When did Exile come out?Extra notes: Apologies if this is the wrong place to bring this problem up, it is a known bug that happens all the time on all servers, you're surely aware of it, because you've helped me with it in the past. I tried the OGG Discord, but no
  22. Last Time I palyed was tom clancy's splinter cell.. I think it's 2007. anyways, I need your Recommendations guys. I have an arcade center and it needs new software and someone recommended me this software. and I need more recommendations. Tom Clancy's The Best Game!!
  23. Dane


    May Changes [NEW] Exile Portal Added a web portal for interacting with the Exile Servers. Can be found here Features: Live Map Vehicle Management Player Marketplace (sell and buy items) Supply Kits Territory Management [UPDATE] Infistar Updated infistar to the latest version Added vision client to the server [Changes] Spawn Zones Spawn Zones now have 3 vehicles (hatchback and offroad) to help out bambi's [Changes] Players Players joining the server will receive 500,000 re
  24. Hello, We have begun the process of bring back up our games servers. All of our servers will now have the ip: server.old-guys-gaming.com. The following have been restored: Minecraft (FTB Revelation 3.2.1 | 1.12.2) Arma 3 Exile Altis Unfortunately the database backup got corrupted in transfer and the server is wiped. We will be giving out respect and and locker funds to help ease the transition We now have an Exile Portal found here, some features are: Live Map Player Marketplace Territor
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