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  1. Beginning this Sunday thru Monday, starting 4pm Central, players may compete in multiple rounds of Vehicle Based PVP Combat. Prizes include: Prestige Vehicles, Trader Vehicles, Tow Tractors, Respect, Tabs, and Building supplies. Teleports, heals and Event Vehicles will be supplied by the admin team hosting the event, no purchase is necessary, and there is nothing to lose. Read below for further details, rules and prizes. December 23rd, Sunday, 4pm - 8pm Aircraft PVP featuring: AH-6M's, loaded with x1 Gau-19 & x1 Hydra rocket pod December 24th, Monday, 4pm - 8pm Tank PVP featuring
  2. Since no one has, let me list my spares. 3 processors- AMD A4-APU, AMD A8-APU, and FX-4300 2 Power Supplies- a 300w non-modular and a 450w non-modular A custom loop radiator with tubing and fans, just needs pump and cooling block and a little extra tubing Spare Noctua Brackets Tons of SATA Cables System Fans 2 stock air coolers for FX-Series (no heatpipes) And on Christmas of 2017, i will have a spare FX-6350, Asus Sabertooth 990FX Mobo, and 12gbs of 1866mhz, cas 9 latency
  3. A Hero Color, is the color that symbolizes you. It is the color used to identify the faceless, when there's no voice. If you had to choose ONE color, to symbolize your outfit, armor, ship, etc etc; What would it be? e.g. "Liche Purple" Yes, this is related to Space Engineers.
  4. Friends are actually a good source of protein...coming from me, that has more than one canotation..
  5. We would be glad to have you onboard. I'm not going to be around for today, though. Try and catch me tomorrow.
  6. So, as i said on July 1st, i would have something ready to show you guys on August 1st, and I'm only a day late. And as i did not include them in the video, here is a glimpse of some of the vehicles to be used in the first 10 episodes. OGGNC Interdictor Arquebus: http://imgur.com/a/bcSbO (All those holes in the ground were made by 1-shot of the main 400mm cannon) Masters Tanks: http://imgur.com/a/h8CK2 (300mm artillery tank, vulcan minigun tank, and 600mm mobile battleship gun- unfinished and slated for an upcoming episode) Masters Interstellar Fighter http://imgur.com/a/
  7. Also, the game is on sale for $7 until the 4th of July http://store.steampowered.com/app/244850/
  8. For those of you interested, Dane and myself, will be working on a Space Engineers Machinima series for O.G.G., set to begin principle photography in as little as a month. What we desperately need from the community, is people WITH the game, but even those without can still contribute their voices. And anyone with access to Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After-Effects would be in our favor. For those interested, leave a comment below in the following format, and hopefully, we can get the entire community involved : D -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. For some reason, the last thread by X8 was locked. So, to help us admins know who has what protections, please- -Post your Information below in the following format: Name: Vehicle: Date Insurance Purchased: Admin Purchased From: (Eg. Foxeh BMP2 -or- BMP2_TK_EP1 4/23/16 X8)
  10. Grouping up with other players for missions, is another good way to go. Our players are generally geared and vehicle-d up, and are looking for extra bodies to split the loot with.
  11. Two words. Star-Wars-Mod. ...I didn't count. Think about it! If only for the Cross-Map A to B Speeder Races and Storm Trooper gear for the admins (and maybe rep gear for Players) D:
  12. Someone wants to get into alot of legal problems.
  13. The new icons are finally done, for the OGG server. As requested, we have Black and White, and colored versions, with 2 different sizes. "Big" and "Why is it that big?" https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16009707/tmpPNG/OGG1Mono1Fc1.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16009707/tmpPNG/OGG1Blue1Fc1.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16009707/tmpPNG/OGG1Blue1Fc1.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16009707/tmpPNG/OGG1Mono1Fc1.png
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