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  1. These were epic. Btw. We ended up doing all of them. Subsequently, a blast was had. I'm always down for shitsho...err..flawless cqb battles! If anyone is up for it, let's go!
  2. This worked for me. http://customcombatgaming.com/forums/index.php?/topic/26088-instructions-manually-repair-battleye-for-arma-3/
  3. And/or roaming light armor
  4. You are going to make people cry, haha.
  5. I think even on Altis, 5k would be a bit much; a larger map than Altis would def be feasible. Extending to 3K would probably work. I agree that Air shouldn't be any farther than 2K due to the speed. Cooldown would be good, but as you said, I agree it would be hard to enforce. If Australia is going to be a new map, and I heard its much bigger than Altis, 5K would probably be good.
  6. From my understanding, the attack choppers (Apache/Cobra) are just that and do not load crates. The HIND, however, is a transport chopper and therefore can carry a crate.
  7. What server?: Arma 3 Exile Malden PvE What happened?: Bought HEMIT AMMO once towed it dragged. I untowed it, got in it and instantly got kicked off the game. When I got back into the game, the HEMIT was gone. How long?: UNK Extra notes: Can't replicate, dont have the tabs to do it, Replication: Havent Tried
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