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  1. Myself with a group of other players have started approaching the town invasion from a different angle other than sitting back with a heavy armored vehicle and destroying builds and it has turn out to be a fun new twist on the game other that just grinding out missions that spawn. Our first attempt to change the tempo, we all strapped on a parachute and took to the sky’s in a Y-32 and dropped in on the town with air support from attack choppers. While we had a few casualties before we hit the deck our mission was a success. Wanting more we started thinking of ways to improve our strategie
  2. I also agree that the AI are out gunned as well even on the higher rank missions. One can simple take a Kamysh and a rearming tow vehicle and do any mission on the server. Now let say we start dropping some of these T-72's in with some town invasion that can roam within the town limits then yes AI could have a one up on players. Currently the only mission that is on the server that can even counter a T-72 is X8's pride and joy the Black Market, which there again can be soloed with a Kamysh and a bobcat or even with 3 or 4 players on foot with launchers and sniper rifles. A price tag easly 500k
  3. Oh yea this looks promising, I like the ACE3 where weather is based on the geographical location of the map.
  4. Big Country


    Sorry think my question came across a little harsh (always proof read) plus I did not see only 11 people have voted. I think it would be a good change from the town invasions that very little people try to complete other than taking out the random heli's
  5. Maybe add some weather rotations to the map like rain, wind, cold....not sure if this can even be done in exile but might make things interesting, especially wind when trying to fly
  6. Big Country


    How many more votes do we need to make this happen?
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