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  1. Goona

    Ken the old admin

    Welcome back to the real world my friend
  2. Goona

    World of Tanks

    anyone play WoT, i just started and am looking for a newbie clan
  3. Good thread, it's a brilliant newbie read
  4. 27/7/18 @1630 GMT I have just been to the main trader and found numerous vehicle flouting the 1000m parking rule. 3 SMG Striders 2 Ifrits 3 Tugs 2 Vodniks Have all been deleated because there owners logged within 1k of the trader, these vehicles were probably hard earned and full of kit and been lost because you haven't read the rules which are in your XM8, this rule is in place because when you pull into the trader your computer has to load all the items at the trader including items in your vehicle, and any other vehicle including those that have logged, this ca
  5. @Troublesim the player in question was well within the rules, my issue is not with rule braking but with his lack of awareness to realise my intentions
  6. I would like to start by saying this rant is aimed at a very small minority of players who believe it is their duty to smash every fucking mission on the map one after the other. I have just come out of the game to cool down before I lose my fucking rag and blow some twat out of the sky. I mission in a Tigris with an Ammo Hemit on tow so my speed traversing the map is very slow. If I am in my Heli and decide on which mission I would like I check the map to see if any other player is heading towards the mission if they are I'll check with them on com's if they are going to the same mission
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