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  1. Hu5ky

    Still alive !

    I dont recall mentioning i had a heart attack ( 29th October 2018 ) and then i had another recently ( 21st February 2020 ) between these dates I was feeling very stressed and so I am sorry to say I vanished from OGG servers and became reclusive - i played some ARK and some DAYZ as well as some weird game on steam called BANISHED err. Still its nice to see most of you are still huddled around So big hugs to all ( virtual ) lol I will be back on the server a bit but to update on my current situation: my wife still has MS and its a bit worse than before, we still have the dogs,
  2. I was going to try to compile this as a short video but as we all know things never work out as intended so in case my plan fails here is the sketch script - you will have to use your own imagination and try to use the voices for the Monty Python Team as I intended....
  3. UPDATE: Well that was bad planning - Holiday Road is NOT going to happen I am afraid nor is Hitman ( cannot build the mission the way I wanted ) might be possible with Zeus but then thats another story. Working on a thing called G.O.A.T - acronym for Get Off Altis Trevor.... Went to play DAYZ to get inspiration and found Dayz 1.0/1.1 is a total bag of [insert bleeping for the next twelve words............................................................................................................] So be back soon with Trevor if that works..... or possibly something completely
  4. Mission Name: Convoy Mission Directive: Multiple levels each reward a different land vehicle Mission Hazards: Lots of AI and a nasty Turret. Mission is not hard if you scout it first. This mission is modelled on FOTN mission. Uploaded to Teamspeak room with others.....
  5. New Mission in the works ( actually a few but some are not working as i want ) . Here are some clues to the missions I am trying to get to work: First is Holiday Road. Next is Hitman Third is Smokey and The Bandit / Convoy I think Holiday Road might not be exactly the same as (a) the film (b) my dayz video Actually non of what you see is going to be in the missions but are just reference points to the style rather than the content. EDIT 18:00 23rd March 2019: Convoy is a promising mission - it will be HARD however to get complete
  6. The first wave of 20 Men In Black parachutists is not a timed event but determined by the distance they halo and parachute from - any higher and the mission breaks. The waves of replacements are determined by the following code: Changing this could allow for a little more time between the groups after killing the majority on the ground... see explanation below. So if there are less than 5 ai alive on the ground then the server will spawn a replcement wave of 4 parachutists @ 1000 meters above the ground - they halo and then open the chutes then float down and finally reac
  7. Have to wait on the Carrier Mission as static missions are manually changed every other week or so.
  8. FOTN - helicopter: CUP_B_UH1Y_UNA_USMC sale value is 64 poptabs ! so will change the file instead - easiest solution as the one on the trader list is CUP_B_UH1Y_MEV_USMC File updated needs re-upload to server so that the UH1Y can be sold Dont ask me what the difference is between UNA and MEV
  9. New Static Mission: Aircraft Landing Mission: Operation Petticoat Location is the upper North ocean area - check the map Filename op.sqf Land any aircraft on the Aircraft Carrier. There is a lootbox - with a very small amount in it so NO Rewards really - its inside one of the rooms on the ship. Get within 2m of the lootbox will complete the mission. There are NO Ai or defence systems so there is no fighting required. The thing is there so people can play about trying to land aircraft on the ships deck - you can also use the catapult to launch your aircraft i
  10. All files uploaded to the room X8 for your perusal etc
  11. THPOA fixed. The real info: 1 Priest (not armed) - 6 companions (not armed) - 20 parachutists > Men in Black (armed) - reinforcement MiB parachutists s if you dont kill them fast enough (maximum 20 ( i think) in waves of 4) Rewards are terrible - a small van and a small crate of loot both crate and vehicle have poptabs and loot is randomised - might up the values later if people enjoy slaughtering this mission. There is a wall around the area so some ai will be inside the church wall and some parachutists will be scattered all over the hill around. This is a STATIC missi
  12. THPOA is nearly complete - premise is that a group of isolated clergy have decided to move their holy relics to a safer place ( a bit late in the day ) and before their transport arrives you need to (a) kill them all (b) get the loot. Simple mission except that most of the ai are decending on parachutes and those parachutists have guns - still its an easy mission - loot will be a random box and there will be some sort of vehicle just because. 23:00 Well that was just bad luck on my part - as soon as i said THPOA was nearly done - the damn thing broke and there is no reason for the errors
  13. Odim vehicle only mission is now complete - the box is random concrete stuff - the vehicle is not pincoded so has to be sold - there are poptabs in the vehicles and in the crate - the vehicle also has random loot inside. The marid is aquatic so drive it off the top of the ship and 10kph to reach land or heli lift it to land/trader.
  14. Well I lost a lot of hair today and have realised I am missing something in the code sooooo going to change my tactics and take a break from this - back to the grindstone when my head stops bleeding lol OMFG i am soooo dumb - i went through the code for the Nemo Mission , ODIM , THPOA and the bandit mission FOTN and finally found where i went wrong. Here is the answer: PinCode hmmmmm thats a good question
  15. Working on 4 files at the same time so excuse the lateness of my replies: ODIM - FOTN - Nemo - THPOA..... all require tweaks and fixes hence the code above is pretty important if i can just get it to work the way i want.... Flight of the navigator - FOTN is a basic mission - as mentioned earlier but each different level has a different reward vehicle. The code i am working on should allow for multiple boxes vehicles and loot ....
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