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  1. Hey you bags of bones let's get something going in Tarkov or War Thunder (the second one is free.). I have Hell Let Loose also it's a stress monster of a game and has all the WWII rage you can handle and sometimes more. Hit me up.
  2. Give the little guy a squeeze from me!
  3. Hi, Just had someone take my BTR kamish while I was AFK at trader may have sold it and logged like TonyB prime suspect was looking in vics and looting missions logged right after I asked who stole it and was at trader when he logged.
  4. As a self certified computer engineer I can confidently say this would decrease server lag and reduce cpu temp by almost forty percent saving the community millions of pesos. If this doesn't work for some reason I will accept complete responsibility. Please implement.
  5. Extended base mod works now plez review and add it's great having base that blends in more with the area.
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