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  1. i dunno. every time it gets brought up, we all agree on what a good idea it is and then it goes away for a month or so until we bring it up again. i know trouble is busy, so it'll have to fall on another dev if it's something we want like now.
  2. Johnny Anarchy


    take care of what you need to, we'll be here waiting for you. best of luck.
  3. a resounding yes from me
  4. having a couple players science this now. sling-loading still seems to be working on single vehicles. players are still unable to tow vehicles. crates are unable to be moved/put into vehicle cargo. inventory and option to install/mount still working.
  5. i know @Troublesim is extremely busy with what he has going on pertaining to the LiF server, so maybe another of our devs can update the community on the status/progress we're making when it comes to adding in the VG. this isn't a post trying to rush anyone to do anything, more so of a 'hey guys, where are we on this?'
  6. incorrect sir.. if it weren't for guys like you, guys like me wouldn't HAVE heroes. it's i who owe you that gratitude.
  7. in speaking with a lot of you, i've heard some great ideas for server-wide events. 'let's do something fun....' ok, twist my arm. =) here's a few things i'm working on.. some have been done before, a few are unique. let me know what you guys think, and PLEASE feel free to post your own suggestions. the latter statement applies to EVERYTHING, not just events.... west coast to east coast death race - players will drive from a point on the west coast to a point on the east coast using whatever route they please. vehicles will be provided, and you'll start out with a certain amount of repair items/meds/food. once you're out of these items, good luck... if you die, it's game over. the more people involved, the greater the rewards. rubbin' is racin' boys and girls, but no firearms. the best shot on OGG - pretty straight forward here.. we give you your weapon of choice and you show us what a good shot you are. target distances can vary, and a winner will be established by a traditional points system. once again.. the more people involved, the greater the reward. the ultimate dogfight - again pretty straight forward.. we put you in some sort of aircraft, and you show us what a good pilot you are.. maybe even a team sort of deal for helicopter ops. i was thinking of a bracket sort of system for this, seeing as how teams may be involved. squad vs squad combat - we cordon off an area or build something somewhere for squad/player vs player combat. this won't be a free-for-all where everyone has a PvP fest... think of it as a paintball/airsoft match with either team, 2v2, or 1v1 combat. this will HAVE to be a bracket system depending on how many players want to participate. players vs admins - we actually 'let' the players try to take us out... no god mode or any of the other fun stuff involved. this can go in a lot of directions depending on player base interest. personally i'm completely for building a gigantic admin event base and letting you guys come at us with everything you've got, but we could go about an event like this in a way like the before mentioned event ideas. remember that regardless of the event nuances, we'll be fighting back. =) as always, let us know what you think and ALWAYS feel free to make your own suggestions. everything always goes into consideration, as long as it's in reason.
  8. hey guys... a lot of you don't know me, but i'm one of OGG's Arma 3 admins. i took a listen to the meeting you guys had, and it was pretty interesting stuff. i've been around/associated with role play and HCRP (hard core role play) related servers for quite some time.. i won't list them here, as that's a conflict of interest and quite disrespectful. in listening to your community/council meeting, the area of RP came up... it seems like a lot of your players aren't interest in actual role play, rather they see the opportunity to PvP and begin to salivate. having said that, it's my opinion that you guys need a STRICT set of guidelines for interaction/possible hostility/PvP. nothing ridiculous, just something that governs the guidelines.. here's how i would handle it.... - demand interaction (RP). if PvP IS going to occur, have interaction occur with it. - punish/implement a point or consequence system for people who RDM (random death match) this will root out the people who have zero interest in role playing. - ENFORCE THE RULES.. have a zero tolerance policy for people who don't want to/refuse to follow set rules. (server rules/rules for combat or war) - GET EVERYONE ON THE SAME PAGE.. you don't have to agree on everything. learn to agree to disagree and move on.. quit harboring IRL grudges. - Whitelist the server.. most other large RP communities actually have an age restriction/interview process. this helps eliminate people who are playing for all the wrong reasons. - Use of TS.. make your players utilize our TS for support/complaints. maybe implement Task Force Radio in game. - Use of the website.. make your players utilize our website for support/complaints. documentation doesn't lie. - COMMUNICATION IS KEY just throwing this out there for you guys to digest. take it at face value or throw it away....
  9. currently compiling my list as well.
  10. very nice... would be better with intel. =)
  11. this is an excellent idea @Troublesim .....
  12. thanks to @Hazzay for looking into this. really appreciate it.
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