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  1. Hey Green, nice to hear from you again, say hi to Honid for me. Good to hear the little one is still with us, but sorry to hear youre having a rough time of things lately. Hopefully it will smooth out for you soon and you find some help. Yes we also miss seeing you around, maybe you will find more time when things settle down. /hugs X8
  2. 500,000 Rep Red VR Suit (500 capacity) 1,000,000 Rep level 11 base (180 radius, 500 parts, 38 VGarage, 10 day restore window if upkeep missed, keep the 11 flag if you move house) 2,000,000 Rep level 12 base (180 radius, 1000 parts, 50 VGarage, 10 day restore window if upkeep missed, keep the 12 flag if you move house)
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