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  1. Ok, I thought it was something that was simple to change like a tow list. EDIT: I found this thread that might be helpful: http://www.exilemod.com/topic/15824-igiload-multiplayer-not-working-how-to-setup-answered/
  2. For Exile Primary, I'd suggest a slight tweaking of the spawn gear with the respect curve. At 300,000 Respect, you get an AK that shoots 5.45. At 500,000 you get an M24. I suggest swapping that out for a AK that shoots 7.62 with the same scope you get at 400,000 (PSO-1-1 I think) or an AK-12 7.62 with a MOS scope. Also, starting at 500,000, maybe start spawning in with a light plate carrier.
  3. Heya! So I've noticed with some of the prestige vehicles, not all of them load crates. Not sure if what I'm laying out has been fully addressed, but here goes. The Mi24 Hind has a crew compartment that can hold a full platoon and all their gear (about 6 to 8 men). When you "Open Doors" while flying, you can clearly see this on ALL variants of the Mi24, but it can't load a crate. Other helicopters like the Ghost Hawk, Huey and Taru have room for crates while they are of comparable size to the Mi24. Likewise, the AH-1Z can currently load a single crate. It's the one you can bu
  4. I think Raid groups should be ramped up based on player respect. Maybe from a change in their load out, or just to spawn more AI.
  5. Much cooler than the laptop I have. It can play a few games though, but it's mostly for work. Windows 10 64 Bit i7 6500U GTX 940M 15.6" Screen @ 1080p (A lot harder to find than you might think, also looks similar to a 4k pixel density) 480 GB SSD 12 Gb of ram
  6. Initial build was in September 2015 with an i5-6600K, upgraded to an i7 due to new workload requirements where I am doing more video editing and higher end sound production. Started with a GTX 970 and upgraded to a 1070. The reason this isn't marked 2017 is because the motherboard, processor, memory, and everything else was originally purchased in 2015 and I upgraded the GPU in 2016. My Computer: Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit Processor: Intel Core i7 6700K Motherboard: ASUS Maximus 8 Gene Memory: 16 GB Corsair Vengeance
  7. Voted for Other as I am currently enjoying the Exile PVE setup. I love cooperative style servers.
  8. Thank you. I will be trying this when I get home.
  9. I have played on other exile servers that featured a Virtual Garage via the XM8 tablet where you can store and retrieve vehicles from the flag at your base. If this feature was implemented, it might save on server performance as the server would stop rendering nearly as many vehicles that are just strewn about the map. I don't know (practically) how this would affect server performance, but just an idea. You can impose limits based on what level the base is. Like Base Level 1 can store 2 vehicles, Base Level 3 can store 5, etc.
  10. This feature already works on the server. THE TARU CANNOT BE BLACK AND YOU MUST PAINT IT TO MATCH.
  11. I know this has probably been asked, but what about RHS mods? They have some decent US Forces vehicles, uniforms, and weapons. The only issue is their missiles for their launchers don't always work. I haven't tested their vehicles. Might replace CUPS? I dunno how all this interacts on a server level, though. Total noob. http://www.rhsmods.org/
  12. Hello! I'm a recent addition to the PVE server, and been fiddling with different combinations of things, but I have an odd question: Why is the Taru ammo pod the only one I can't load into a vehicle? If you have a Fuel Pod or a Repair Pod, you can actually load these into a vehicle that can accept a 4 slot "box" (like a HEMTT) but I can't load the ammo pod. Additionally, the Taru pods DO work, even though I've had people tell me they don't. Fuel, ammo, and repair pods all function as expected. I also heard that the HEMTT trucks and everything is going up in price, in addition to
  13. Duct tape will fix it, you must have faith.
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