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  1. I have hidden vehicles around the map. The lock codes will be provided. You find it, you can keep it and its contents!! The first vehicle is an M7 Bradley. lock code is 2021 - This vehicle is is surrounded by buildings and is nowhere near water The 2nd Vehicle is a Rhino, lock code is 2021 - This vehicle is less than 200m from water, On the southern half of the map when you find one of these, let me know in discord. limit, one vehicle per person.. There is also a safe hidden. It contains a mobile phone. bring me the phone in exchange for 1.5 million pop tabs. CLUES: 1. The safe is exactly 6048m from the main trader. 2. The safe is less than 5 meters from water. Not near a town or a mountain. 3. The safe is in the Southern Half of the map
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