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  1. on our server, STATIC missions will have the name STATIC in the title on the map, all other mission will only have the mission name.
  2. There is a safe hidden. bring me the item it contains in exchange for 1.5 million pop tabs. CLUES: 1. The safe is exactly 6048m from the main trader. 2. The safe is less than 5 meters from water. Not near a town or a mountain. 3. The safe is in the Southern Half of the map
  3. i did as well for a couple years. i still play on and off.. but i cant play the same game non stop or i will get tired of it
  4. it has its days, but for the most part, exile does not seem to be popular anymore.. people are either going to pvp based servers or different mods... alot are going for milsim these days....... ill get with the other admins and see if we cant come up with a revive exile event or something along those lines.
  5. B. Wendel lvl 11 base (sadly i dont have the respect for a 12 yet )
  6. Yea kinda. I have it set to where i select which library a game installs to.
  7. Yes, my steam library is spread out acroos 3 drives.. i have so many games, they wont fit in my 1T drive.
  8. Hey eveyone. I was wondering if any of you have ever had the problem with your PC or Steam randomly removing games from your HDD? I upgraded my monitor from a 24 inch to a 32 inch and when i turned my pc back on, all of my steam games on my 2nd HDD were showing not installed in my library. most of these games i directed steam back to the drive and steam found the files, no harm, no foul.. however, arma 3 and ATS were uninstalled completely. I am currently re downloading them, but it will take a couple days. Has this happened to any of you guys before?
  9. I have it, but i am more into warships right now..
  10. Yes, we are aware of this and are looking into changing the vehicle and with it the line of code referring to the vehicle locking system. We did not know aboit it not blowing up. Tha k tou for that intel!
  11. B.Wendel

    Diablo 3

    Anyone here play diablo 3 on pc? Wife and i could always use a good group to grind with.
  12. B.Wendel


    If you guys and gals run a mission created recently, please use this topic to post your comments.. Those of us creating these missions rely on feedback from you in order to improve on our future missions. Any and all feedback welcome:)
  13. lightning? thats not something i have ever seen in game as a natural weather event. i will have to look into this for you
  14. Indeed. I am mainly interested in the the uniform, but the vehicles would be just as awesome to have.
  15. Figured i would add this as i get asked about it all the time. General mission claims ARE at 2k Black Market, Think Tank and Flying Circus can be claimed at 3k (approved by X8 if i recall correctly)
  16. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23712 any chance we could get this added for the admins
  17. Yes boss, he was on this morning when I got home from work.
  18. 24 hours guys i will start prepping this event at the 4am restart. Which is when i get home from work. Any admins wishing to assist in the prep, please feel free to hop on ts anytime between the 4am and 4 pm restarts, ill be on most of the day tmro.
  19. I will look into this when i get home from work.
  20. I have actually thought about that more than once.
  21. There is a mod of which i am testing. Its a vehicle (sorta like a tow truck) qhuch allows to driver to delete a destroyed vehicle in front of them. Please be patient. Testing takes time and mod approval.
  22. ok, i will take care of it next time i see you in game, i am off to bed. work in a few hours
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