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  1. The second of 3 hidden tanks has been found. The last hidden tank on the map is Green. It's a M1128 MGS The newest clue is ''It's west of the trader''
  2. Well, the busses (Ikarus) are gone. They've all been found and removed from their hiding spots. Update on the tanks: 1 of the tanks has been found. It was a Challenger and it was in the radioactive area. Congrats! Remember, there are still 2 hidden tanks on the map. Good luck, have fun!!
  3. Another clue? OK. The middle bus (Ikarus) is also on a point. What a lovely sunset!
  4. There are now 2 Busses left, 1 has been found. Also, here's a clue: The 3 busses (Ikarus) were all in a straight line across the map (who knows at what degree) and the first one was found at co-ordinates: 240 154 Also, there are still 3 tanks hidden around the map. Good luck.
  5. There are now 3 Black Exile Busses (Ikarus) on the map. The code for them is 2021 and they each contain 30 'Money' which is sellable. (70k) Good luck!
  6. https://www.pcgamer.com/arma-3s-alien-expansion-will-add-new-factions-terrain-and-more-to-the-sandbox/
  7. The reward vehicle floats and is locked. It does not unlock or fall to the deck upon completion. It also won't blow up using rockets from my Longbow.
  8. All 5 of the SUV's have been located and collected -- Pyro (1 was in a warehouse, 1 was outdoors) -- Andy (2 were in warehouses, 1 was outdoors)
  9. The Black Market has inspired me to evolve the story such that a Gang, a Squad of disgruntled Police, a Drug-Lord, a Politician and Band of Merry-Men, have started hoarding Money and stashing it away in protected locations around the map for safe-keeping... I have hidden 5 Armoured/Armed SUV's around the map each containing 100k worth of ''Money''. THE EVENT IS COMPLETED, ALL THE HIDDEN SUV'S HAVE BEEN LOCATED! THANKS FOR PLAYING!! They are locked and coded 1212. I will give out clues as the days go by if they are not found, however you may start immediately using these clues:
  10. The Police Mod would be fun from time to time!
  11. I remember someone suggesting another trader but it was just in-game and was probably forgotten. Is this a possibility somewhere between ''from here'' and ''to here''? Or whatever works.
  12. Caught these two admins saluting the grand emperor... or something like that...
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