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  1. Nice!!! Does those have been taken?
  2. Never mind!!! I already found wich the Staticts missions are on the other Forum! So If I understood well... thre's only 4 (four) static missions wich can't be completed nor helped by the use or any kind of vehicle... right? And those missions are the ones defined on this forum: I just don't want to mess up any server rule! Thanks!
  3. Ohhh.... that's better then! Now, is there a way to identify in game wich ones are Statics and wich ones aren't?? Thank you for your reply @Silver_Fox!!
  4. Hello all! I was reading the Server Rules and saw that the missions can't be made with the help of any kind of vehicles... right? So, I have a quick question (not trying to make any mess): What else one use the armed vehicles if not for helping doing missions pr PVP? This is not a PVP server so the only logical use would be for the AI, and most of it is in the missions. (I think) Here's just an idea from me (I'll completely understand if this is not possible, but I just want to put it on the ground): - What if the limit for the use of armed vehicles on missions is limited AGAINST OTHERS VEHICLES ONLY? Not for walking AI but just the vehicles inside the missions?? Any way... just wanted to put my point of view! I like the Server and the balance on it... The AI is a B!#CH and I always like a nice fight! See you in the game!
  5. lol man... this reminds me when we found a Little Bird on the Trade Center and we took it for free (Totally different server). At the same time we saw an AI passing by so we decided to intercept it and well.... you can see what happened on the video: (Just look at the first 00:01:30 minutes) ---(This is a Video we made with tow cameras views: one mine and the other one from one of the Admins and owner of the server)
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