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  1. HORSES LOST AT RESTARTS ARE NO LONGER GOING TO BE REPLACED Since the recent update freestanding! horses are being deleted at server restarts(not a 100% chance), these will no longer be replaced by GM's, so it is up to the player to keep there horses safe.
  2. Finalising the last few things but the times will be from 6:00 CST to the latest of 7:00 CST on either Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Everyone has until the 3rd of November to submit a team for the first league round.
  3. As per the player council, I am outlining the idea of an official event league structure. The official events are: Jousting (Uses DB hit logs for points) Bring your own armor, bring your own horse Jousting Lances Provided. 1 Point for a hit to the body. (Verified by admin combat log.) An instant match victory for a dismount. First to three wins the match. 0 points awarded for striking an opponent's horse. Archery A coin toss will decide who fires first. Player A will call out their target in local, and hit it with an arrow. Player B must then hit that same target. If player B hits the target, it is now player B's turn to select a target. If player B misses, Player A is awarded a point. If a player fails to hit the target they called, no points awarded, and the other player gets to choose. Rounds will go until a player has reached 3 points. Combat Blunt 1v1 and 2v2 weapons and armor will be provided Blunt 3v3 weapons and armor will be provided arrows with blunt arrows will allowed Edged 2v2 Bring your own weapons and armor. Bows, crossbows, and arrows allowed Drunken Boxing Free for all, multiple combatants in a pit. Last team standing wins. After being knocked out, try to make your way out of the arena as swiftly as possible when you recover. Alcohol is provided. Only 3/4 activities will take place each event, every week however these will vary each time. In total each activity will take place 3 times meaning that in total it'll take 8 weeks / 2 months for a full league cycle to take place. Each activity will have a 1st prize only and the event (all 3 activities combined) will have a 1st ,2nd and 3rd prize. If you're lost don't panic an example will follow below. After each league cycle will have grand prizes, for now these will be in-game rewards however this may expand to steam rewards. To take part in the league you'll need to submit a team, a maximum of 3 members are allowed per team. You can have a further 1 person as a reserve. You may be part of a team and a reserve for another team however only 3 prizes will be given to each time if they win. Team names must abide by standard community rules not offensive etc. The points system will be 3 points for win 2 for second and 1 for third in an activity, for the whole event the winners will be given 5 points 2nd 3 points and third 1 point. GM's have the right to exclude any team from events if caught rule breaking. Prizes for each activity (jousting etc.) will be small in-game rewards, high quality weapon etc.) For the event it'll be coins plus a team prize, set of armour etc. For the league it'll be high end prizes royal blueprints etc. If you have any questions comment below. EXAMPLE
  4. If you have not had your monument rebuilt since the recent patches please comment below times you will be online so that we can sort the issues out. This requires us to do a server restart each time so please bare with us as we may not restart the server until later or until more people can be done.
  5. Until I know more about each, not much can be done, as for the large buildings (keep) a refund for incomplete structures is possible.
  6. Unfortunately I'm not Dev of LiF so can't fix any of that without breaking into hard coding.
  7. No new parts will be added until discussed at the player council (Date to be released on Sunday/Monday).
  8. Sorry to be blunt that's part of the game, And you continued to attack the GM on a personal level and where people attempting to blackmail me (may have been unintentional) by saying I hate him he's the worst GM ever, I'm going to leave if he stays as a GM, and words to that effect. The rollback was done as a last resort after I had spent nearly 12 hours trying to find the issue, the rollback had since fixed the issue, which had been a Database corruption. The reason as stated for no compensation was the simple fact that it would have taken me 48+ hours to help everyone terraform reset skills alignment etc. Therefore it would have been quicker for people to carry on as before. The rules where made by the community, all the changes where approved by the community all the things I do on the server are open to the community and people can talk about them. The ONLY decision that didn't involve the community was the rollback as it is a DEVELOPER issue. There is a player council nearly every month to discuss server decisions. A correction on your dates, the claims started decaying on the 11/9. However previously when you 'left' the server ALL claims where already decaying and the fact you logged on then left the server just to keep the claim up shows some intentions against the server itself. And the above is standard practice but as I stated to you in a message and I quote, when I have a claim that has not been active and has nearly decayed twice and have personally been told to go fuck myself from members of the claim, then I can exercise my judgement in keeping a claim that may be on and off for weeks or free up the land.' I wish you all the best for you and your future and I hope the above explains the reasons behind the actions. Regards Troublesim
  9. The claim itself has nearly decayed twice and have personally been told to go fuck myself from members of the claim, then I can exercise my judgement in keeping a claim that may be on and off for weeks or free up the land, if your daughter wishes to continue she can the land is still there. It has always a policy that a player is to start fresh we have removed bases that people have started to base if they were not apart of it. I am determining a lack of activity by 0 players on the claim itself and the claim that had decayed to the point of players being able to claim gates and loot warehouses etc. For your choice of words you are no longer going to be part of this community, it is policy that you show respect to all members and that is something you have not done. I wish you all the best. Regards Troublesim
  10. Rollback occurred, Unfortunately there will be no compensation for the recent rollback the reason for this is as follows, to fix the claims / help you will take around 2+ hours per claim there are 22 claims therefore we are looking at upwards of 24 hours of just helping, and in the time we get round to everyone it'd have been quicker to do it yourself. If you decide to leave I am sorry to hear that and wish you all the best, if you are staying with us I'm very sorry for what has happened and we will do our best to make sure it doesn't happen again. Regards Troublesim
  11. What server?: Life is Feudal What happened?: Crash How long?: Varies Extra notes: Server initially crashed yesterday. Restarted and ran fine for the next 3 hours then crashed again 3 times in quick succession. Server then has lock put on and was fine till this morning where 2 further crashes have occurred. People who have had problems are to submit a Help Desk Ticket Replication: Yes
  12. Log into Teamspeak / check PM.
  13. Hey All, I hope you are all enjoying the Life is Feudal Server it has become apparent that some rules are unfortunately being broken, the following is the process on how to report the rule violations and how they are resolved. Reporting a Rule Violation or GM Support Tickets (Discord & Forums) Go to the https://old-guys-gaming.com/forum/index.php?/lifhelpdesk/&show=categories on the Forum. Post the following information: Rule it has violated. Person that violated said rule. Screenshot / other supporting evidence. Await reply (it may take up to 48 hours however the normal response time is within 12 hours (due to time zones and other factors) If no reply within 3 days contact a Life is Feudal Admin. The Help Desk has been set up in a way that only you / LiF admins and Staff can see your ticket. Therefore it is kept confidential and you don't need to worry about other players seeing the post. The Reply to this post will usually state (we are looking into this / thank you for the report etc.) The admins will then need to contact said player that has infringed the rules, THIS MAY TAKE TIME, due to some factors not on forums / Teamspeak etc. while we want to take swift action sometimes this is hard to do due to other constraints. But be sure that action will be taken. AT NO POINT DO YOU PM / MESSAGE A GM TO REPORT RULE VIOLATIONS OF PLAYERS! How the Violations are handled / resolved Acknowledged by LiF admins. Logs checked if needed (This takes time) Screenshot / evidence assessed. Other player approached / asked about situation Appropriate action taken Help Desk Ticket responded to then closed (Generally saying Issue resolved, Temp ban given etc.) Action is normally done within 48 hours of the ticket submission we aim to have it quicker however in some cases it may take slightly longer. If you feel your ticket has not been resolved respond on the ticket with reasoning to why this is the case, Lilith / LiF Head Admin will look and this and respond, however this can be dismissed. Any Further Questions / Queries comment below. Regards OGG Lif:YO Staff
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