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  1. Rollback occurred, Unfortunately there will be no compensation for the recent rollback the reason for this is as follows, to fix the claims / help you will take around 2+ hours per claim there are 22 claims therefore we are looking at upwards of 24 hours of just helping, and in the time we get round to everyone it'd have been quicker to do it yourself. If you decide to leave I am sorry to hear that and wish you all the best, if you are staying with us I'm very sorry for what has happened and we will do our best to make sure it doesn't happen again. Regards Troublesim
  2. What server?: Life is Feudal What happened?: Crash How long?: Varies Extra notes: Server initially crashed yesterday. Restarted and ran fine for the next 3 hours then crashed again 3 times in quick succession. Server then has lock put on and was fine till this morning where 2 further crashes have occurred. People who have had problems are to submit a Help Desk Ticket Replication: Yes
  3. Firstly sorry for the delayed response combination of A+E and work. That all makes sense if you already have some of the mods, I look at it as if you where looking for a server to play on and downloading 50 GB is a straight no. Changing the Mods around, I can see a benefit in that however may require a lot of start up work. Yes otherwise the server would crash. That;'s all on @Crunn(X8)
  4. So in terms of mods the simple answer is no we are not adding new Mods. The long answer and reason is that we don't want to force players to download more things to play on the server it puts people off, and while you can get some really good things it can result in a 30GB download and for some people that can take hours and hours, therefore we are not adding new mods, the exception is Extended base mod (see below) However this doesn't mean we are not doing anything, so VG (Virtual Garage) The only thing now left is to integrate it with the current XM8_Apps, as they are currently on diffe
  5. Tier 2 Limit is radius of 25 therefore it is fine, to get a radius of 50 tiles you need a Tier 3 monument, so you'll need to hit the max out the green bar then hit upgrade.
  6. Unfortunately you have been a victim of life is feudal mechanics. Whenever you delete a building, item etc.it will remove anything on that tile.
  7. Troublesim


    It was received donation goal was on a different setting.
  8. Troublesim


    This has been received also, forum wasn't picking up donations. This issue should be fixed.
  9. Troublesim


    Awaiting a response from Deadman will let you know as soon as I can.
  10. Reminder this is tonight.
  11. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ALL 3 ARMA 3 SERVERS An Arma 3 Meeting is planned for THURSDAY 27TH JULY at 18:00 CST (19:00 EST) The meeting can be attended by ALL Arma 3 Players. The meeting will take place on the OGG Teamspeak Server. Please spread the word on the servers!! While attendance is not mandatory the more people we get the better the meeting will also be recorded. (You do not have to be on the whole time) There will be a discussion opened up after the meeting, this will be moderated heavily to ensure nothing goes off-topic. Meeting Agenda Server 1 Rebuild Ser
  12. @Hazzay @Crunn(X8) @Mad Max If you guys want to get together and work on getting it setup, I can then do final checks and approve it. @Mad Max If you are still interesed in dev wok just talk to Hazzay on TS or send me a message on the forum and I'll give you the relevant details.
  13. Issue solved, mission now spawns with an unarmed prowler, can't move ural spawned in a smaller vic.
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