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  1. Firstly sorry for the delayed response combination of A+E and work. That all makes sense if you already have some of the mods, I look at it as if you where looking for a server to play on and downloading 50 GB is a straight no. Changing the Mods around, I can see a benefit in that however may require a lot of start up work. Yes otherwise the server would crash. That;'s all on @Crunn(X8)
  2. So in terms of mods the simple answer is no we are not adding new Mods. The long answer and reason is that we don't want to force players to download more things to play on the server it puts people off, and while you can get some really good things it can result in a 30GB download and for some people that can take hours and hours, therefore we are not adding new mods, the exception is Extended base mod (see below) However this doesn't mean we are not doing anything, so VG (Virtual Garage) The only thing now left is to integrate it with the current XM8_Apps, as they are currently on different versions. Once this is sorted then this should be implemented. The addition of Deploy vehicle is being added therefore Bikes are to be removed, no more road blocks. Extended Base Mod is coming, as soon as they remove a crippling bug from it which they have said they are doing. And finally in terms of ZCP, I need to talk to X8 about the setup of certain parameters. Just some more information in terms of the Dev Team. The Dev team is not all completely setup yet part due to time restraint and other security aspects we are in the process of sorting out.
  3. Reminder this is tonight.
  4. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ALL 3 ARMA 3 SERVERS An Arma 3 Meeting is planned for THURSDAY 27TH JULY at 18:00 CST (19:00 EST) The meeting can be attended by ALL Arma 3 Players. The meeting will take place on the OGG Teamspeak Server. Please spread the word on the servers!! While attendance is not mandatory the more people we get the better the meeting will also be recorded. (You do not have to be on the whole time) There will be a discussion opened up after the meeting, this will be moderated heavily to ensure nothing goes off-topic. Meeting Agenda Server 1 Rebuild Server 2 restructure Reborn Use on the forums When you should/shouldn't ask for an admin Feedback on the Servers If you have any further things you wish to be discussed please post it below. Thanks Troublesim
  5. @Hazzay @Crunn(X8) @Mad Max If you guys want to get together and work on getting it setup, I can then do final checks and approve it. @Mad Max If you are still interesed in dev wok just talk to Hazzay on TS or send me a message on the forum and I'll give you the relevant details.
  6. This poll will remain open however action taken to add this may take a month or two, due to the amount of things currently being dealt with and the few people working on them.
  7. Old Guys Gaming now has a Malden Server. We have replaced the PvE Exile Reborn Server. The mods themselves are the same, (Exile and Zombies and Demons). Sorry if you enjoyed the Reborn Server we still have the PvP Reborn Server up if you still want the Reborn fix. Special thank you to Dane for all his hard work, if you experience any bugs with the new server please submit the bug tracker form and if you have any suggestions please put it in the relevant forum. Regards Troublesim
  8. Base Maintenance has changed the protection for your base is being change to 15 Days to match it with the other A3 Servers. Don't Panic if you haven't paid it as long as you have been on within the last month / a regular player it will be updated automatically! However this means your due date will be the 07/20/17
  9. Troublesim


    Update on installing it, is on the list to be added, few things ahead of it (LiF fix and Server 2 installation) Then it should get added unless I get a free afternoon
  10. A reminder as per the meeting we are creating a team. If you are interest PM me on the forum. YOU DO NOT NEED ANY EXPERIENCE we have reading material and tutorials that we can give you.
  11. The following positions are open within OGG. Lead Admin (Min requirements: Senior Member / Reference by 5 Senior Members, has been an admin for 1 month) Minecraft Life is Feudal Admins Applications All Applications are open (all games) Development Team Positions are available on the development team no matter what experience you have. (we have access to material so that you can learn from the very start) PM Troublesim
  12. The recording is in the process of being uploaded got V. Slow internet at my parents so it's taking longer than planned, will be up when done.
  13. An idea that happened during a recent meeting is to set up a PC part exchange to help fellow members in need, so we ask you not to request money for the parts (all postage paid by recipient) Put either the part / specs you are looking for OR the part that you have available, then the State / area you are shipping from DO NOT PUT YOUR ADDRESS ON THE FORUM! It is the assumption the recipient will be paying for postage / fees incurred. The Format below should be followed. (Example only) Part(s): GTX 1080 TI, i7 7700k Area: Huddersfield, UK Once someone has taken / asked for the part please make sure you edit the post and Strikethrough the post: Part(s): GTX 1080 TI, i7 7700k Area: Huddersfield, UK If you are requesting a part when you reply please quote the post. Hey, I'd like to get this part if it is still free. Then send your address through a PM / Teamspeak. For security reasons do not post your address on the forum on in a public channel on Teamspeak, if anyone is caught posting an address they will be punished accordingly and may be reported to the relevant authorities if deemed necessary.
  14. A COMMUNITY MEETING IS TO BE HELD ON FRIDAY 30TH JUNE AT 18:00 CST (19:00 EST 00:00 BST) Attendance is not mandatory and the times for the meeting are planned as followed. All times in CST Start of Meeting / Introductions 18:00 Minecraft 18:15 Ark Survival 18:30 Arma 2 18:45 Arma 3 19:15 Life is Feudal 20:15 Other 21:15 End of Meeting 21:30 As you can see it is a long meeting you DO NOT need to be there for the whole thing (That's my job) you can just turn up for the relevant time slot. If unable to don't worry the whole meeting is being recorded and will be time stamped and uploaded to the website. If you wish for anything to be discussed please PM myself with the subject COMMUNITY MEETING.
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