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  1. The Statics marked on with Green and black Arrows.
  2. Players Choice to pick next static.
  3. They are still there, The one up right now is Stop The Mayor If you would like to see something different, just ask for one
  4. DrunkenGoat3 lvl 12 base Base name - DG location 133145 Pull half from Naughtyhawg and half from DrunkenGoat
  5. Hello from AK need help just ask or join our TS or both
  6. DrunkenGoat3 lvl 11 base Base name - DG location 133145
  7. Hello and welcome Doc I have seen a few players leaving there crates stroon about so I will explain the best i can with pictures. Once mission is completed Scroll wheel on crate to get 3 options Inventory - Loot through your bountiful loot Take Crate - Take the crate and you CAN run with it by Pressing yout zero key on your numpad Load Crate - Loads the crate into "MOST" vehicles Once you have Click on Load Crate into, were going to make sure we are with in 25m of our vehicle and scroll wheel again at the VERY top of the list were going to choose ...Load in " Your Vehicle Name Here" Now once were at the Trader and with in 50m of the waste dump, scroll wheel on this guy Now you'll get 4 options PER vehicle you have gotten into the driver seat in the play session. BE SURE which vehicle your are selling from, you don't want to sell your 30 titan missiles by accident. lol Vehicle Cargo - This is the Inventory of your Vehicle Loaded Contents Cargo - This is the Inventory of the Crate INSIDE your Vehicle Loaded Contents + Cargo - This is the inventory of the Crate AND THE CRATE "No Tabs for the Crate" Vehicle + All Cargo - This is the Inventory of the Vehicle, the Inventory of the Crate, The Crate itself, and The Vehicle itself BONUS INFO THERE IS NO INCEPTION Example Vest has an Instadoc on it. if you sell the loot from your vehicle it will ONLY see the vest. Same goes to the loot inside a Tow Tractor that is Loaded inside your Vehicle. Waste Dump will only see the Tow Tractor and not the loot inside of it. I hope this helps Enjoy and have fun Ak-Red
  8. In the A3 Luncher click on the advanced tab at the top Add mods CBA, Cup Weapons, Cup Units, Cup Vehicles, and Exile Click Launch Once in game click servers and the on the left click Recent Old Guys Gaming will pop up Enjoy
  9. I have done missions on foot and I have done them in Vehicles, Ive done the town invades on foot aswell, everything is possiable and being ARMAED is a RNG chance that it will bone you when you least expect it. Yes i agree that the "AI" is smarter them most servers but that what makes it to me a good server. Its not for the faint at heart, ive also lost 3 gorgons, 3 tatras and 3 tow tractors, two sets of which to a couple of rocket cessnas. "they dive bombed me" so i know how you feel, Just keep trucking and ask for help or if you wan join in on a mission. Ak-Red
  10. Why is it that i can log into ANY OTHER server and be fine. loot, run around, be happy, get killed, WHATEVER. but i log in to OGG Arma Altis and not 4 mins in i get kicked cause a bush, or a tree, unlock a door, unlock a Vic, start driving, or battle eye failed"current", BUUUUUTTTTTT sometimes i log in and nothing. I play just fine for that session, I log before the restart happens i log back in and the freaking bush monster kicks me. but before that for 4 hours it was fine. SO rant over....kinda....please help me here, i really enjoy playing on the server regardless but DAMN, serious i want to punch my screen or not play at all.
  11. X8, Could you be so kind and explain the terms/rules in witch this must be completed. also what the reward would be when it is completed. please good sir and thank you. AK-RED
  12. Server is still down after this recent restart....please help
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