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  1. Hey guys, tried to submit tickets for this, but after I enter my steam ID, it just drops into a page that says error, failed to load, try clearing cookies, which I did, but it did the same thing again. Anyway, after losing my beloved T-55 to elites that somehow survive 105 HE blasts, I decided to step down a little in my Soviet lifestyle. I purchased a BTR-60 in plain green. It took my money, then the BTR exploded the second it spawned, flying high into the air then landing on the other side of the parking lot. After that, I sent a message to AK Red when the support ticket thing failed, with screenshot, decided to humble myself even more. I got a BMP-1 ambulance. It took my money, spawned the BMP which immediately flipped out, then exploded. I have not offended Stalin, I do not understand this...
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