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  1. Dane's post in wareagle252 -- Life is Feudal was marked as the answer   
    Server is back up, marking as resolved.
  2. Dane's post in Celthon Havenstead -- Life is Feudal was marked as the answer   
    This issue has been resolved by the owner of The Saints.
  3. Dane's post in Donations was marked as the answer   
    Deadman has confirmed that we have received the donation. Issue with the website must have occurred due to an issue with the web servers clock. I'll add you to the donation group when I can later today
  4. Dane's post in Pro 5 -- Arma 3 Exile Malden PvE was marked as the answer   
    Issue has been fixed
  5. Dane's post in Hazzay -- Arma 3 Exile Malden PvE was marked as the answer   
    Should be fixed by the 8PM restart, thank you for the bug
  6. Dane's post in John55 -- Arma 3 Exile Malden PvE was marked as the answer   
    The issue has been resolved, thanks for the heads up, I attempted to add another mixer to the map (the one in the south) but the mixer is not there currently). Will try to fix the new bug at 8pm CST restart
  7. Dane's post in Malden Server was marked as the answer   
    1. Will be fixed at the 8PM restart on 7-4-17
    2. Known issue that happened last night, wont happen again
    3. Working as intended zombies have a 2 meter attack range
    4. Can you elaborate more on this? Does it go to the driver of the vehicle it was last in? Or a random driver in the area?
  8. Dane's post in Fell off a mountain was marked as the answer   
    Resolved by marshal in game
  9. Dane's post in Mod Mismatch was marked as the answer   
    Hey there Cerberus, 
    Are you still having the same issues now? The server automatically restarted earlier today, in theory it should have updated the mods while it started the server back up. Let me know if the issue still persists. 
  10. Dane's post in Teamspeak info? was marked as the answer   
    Added teamspeak connect system to the forums
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