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  1. Also i would like a Mk6 mortar please......you know for science and stuff
  2. Iv been reading through the mod ideas and noticed that no one has mentioned (at least not that i can see which is surprising) Mods like "Extended base mod" which has been a staple on most if not all exile servers for some time now. Also some more crafting recipes would be good as that ones we have now are pretty basic. Im not saying keeping it basic is bad but im struggling to find something to do in or out of my base right now that will keep my interest, and as we all know boredom is a killer when it comes to players and servers alike. Extended Base Mod
  3. Doc


    Welcome to the madhouse
  4. So first off, hello all nice to be on a server that actually has a forum to post stuff on. So am i a bit dull or missing something here in that i cant sell weapons crates to waste dump (unless there loaded in a vehicle and you sell the vehicle) or get an option to sell to a trader from crate. Its kind of annoying haveing to move items from the crate to my vehicle or backpack so i can sell them. Like i said i must be missing someting.
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