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  1. Maybe something where you can get some " Free Gas"
  2. Nice flip, atleast it didnt blow up.
  3. Didnt manage to get around to looking for a chute after you did a straf run on TX and -AK-, will put it on hold but promise to get back to it.
  4. I thought that they were at the equipment trader, will have a look when I get on.
  5. Heavy armour wont help you much if a rocket takes out the tracks , you are just sitting in a tincan that cant be moved and BOOOM in comes the next rocket and its goodnight and goodbye 500k. I dont know how long you have been playing the server but you will get to end game vehicles and you will be just as annoyed if not more for loosing them, Im speaking from experience Maybe try jumping in with one of the guys as a gunner 4 or 6 eyes see alot more of the combat that is evolving around you which helps to adapt to the situation, like I said you will get there dude and laugh about the past screw
  6. Again, try engaging on foot, keep your vehicle at a safe distance(out of sight). If you see the toastie popup( Police group deployed to take care of troublesome prisoner) jump back in your vic, go into thermal take a look around and deal with the threat. If you get a rocket shoved in your face when in a vehicle then you loose everything!! if I get killed on foot there is still a chance I can get my gear back and my vehicle is whole(because I left it safe) that is why I always try to engage on foot and use my vehicles to get around and look for a better position if I have to, I would rather loo
  7. So by your logic its ok to roll into a mission with a Strider with infinate ammo and expect no resistance, get real dude! Missions are fine as they are. Maybe try a differant approach next time Lynx+ compact titan will work well on all missions, get out of your tincan and go foot.
  8. Colin


    If a Black Market was on map then the vics tend to wander around somewhat. A player could have flown/driven too near and was then followed, seems you were the unlucky one.
  9. Also you were kicked from the server in the hope that a relog would solve the database issue with your profiles.
  10. Hi Flar, there was a problem with the database recognising you as players, you could not be seen on map by players as players , even the Admins could only see you as AI with Admin tools. If you could get on TS then we can sort this out very quickly. I can assure that pvp was not intentional and joining OGG group is at the moment NOT a must!!
  11. Hi, cant tow or be towed? 1-3 m shots mission is completed, indirect fire (need a spotter), slow as hell, really good armour fun as heck to watch ooh cant carry a crate. Lots and lots of ,,,,. 2 million respect seems a fair price
  12. Then what is the issue Jamey? That I gave you a short answer to something when I was on the jump??
  13. Hi Jamey, That you are annoyed I can understand, nothing worse than having you vehicles deleted. After moving about 40-50 vics out of the trader over the last 5-6 days you get to the point when they just get deleted, there are other tasks for an Admin on server, moving vics about for players that cannot abide by server rules is not one of them. Like I said ingame read the rules abide by the rules and all is ok
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