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Mod Suggestions for Exile Arma3 Server


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Iv been reading through the mod ideas and noticed that no one has mentioned (at least not that i can see which is surprising) Mods like "Extended base mod" which has been a staple on most if not all exile servers for some time now. Also some more crafting recipes would be good as that ones we have now are pretty basic.

Im not saying keeping it basic is bad but im struggling to find something to do in or out of my base right now that will keep my interest, and as we all know boredom is a killer when it comes to players and servers alike.

Extended Base Mod

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Following my discussion with @Deadman in the Teamspeak server today, I have one (very) important and a few less important recommendations for the Exile server's mod list:

Enhanced Movement
Enhanced Movement adds a key dimension to Exile PVE game play: jumping, lunging, and climbing. From escaping AI to building a nice base, Enhanced Movement is key. Enhanced Movement can be made optional. It only needs to be whitelisted.

After Enhanced Movement, I recommend allowing the following as optional mods. They are all client-side only:

Blastcore Edited (standalone version)
Blastcore makes all explosions and explosive effects more dramatic in game. It is a huge visual change.

JSRS makes all vanilla weapons sound more realistic:

Since the server uses a combination of vanilla weapons and CUP, JSRS CUP would be an essential compliment to regular JSRS, if regular JSRS is also allowed.

Thank you for allowing Enhanced Movement and perhaps these other mods, and thank you for hosting such a great server, Old Guys 👍

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Enhanced Movement is helpful when doing missions. You can usually find cover which you otherwise would not have access to.

Vector Building would be a great addition. I love building bases almost as much as playing the game; you can get pretty creative with vector building.
I thought Vector Building was now part of Exile, but I may be wrong.


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