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  1. What ever happened with this mod? I would love to see it in game right along side the Huey
  2. Its the launcher itself.. people have been having issues since the last uodate, you have yo find the server from the in game browser.
  3. I would suggest a transparent background so that the actual emblem stands out
  4. Due to Recent events on the server, i feel this type of post should be available for those players it pertains to. IF you accidentally destroy a vehicle belonging to an offline player, post it here ! 1. What did you destroy? 2. Where did this occur? (name of base, trader, town etc) 3. Who did it belong to? (if known) 4. Price for reimbursement?
  5. X8, i want to make a lvl 12 for use strictly with my hosted events on the server. This is technically my 2nd base, but for event use only.
  6. I like these but how would they look on a vehicle? Its easy to create a custom squad URL for the admins and use the admin graphic. Or... do you plan to skin these to a vehicle in game?
  7. Lets make this more interesting than just a basic PVP CQB. Lets add an objective to the players mission. VIP Extraction!! Your mission as BLUFOR is to infiltrate the town and secure the VIP and safely transport to the Extration Point. As this will be on exile, you naturally have the ability to respawn and return to your body. You will be allowed to do so until one of the following have been completed.. RESPAWN DEPENDANCE 1.You may respawn ONLY if your team is still alive. 2. If all members of your team die before you get back to your body, than the mission fails and OPFOR wins. MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION 1. You may use defibrillators and any other medical supplies as need to assist in your objective. Defibrillators and basic medical supplies will be given to each team member, however if your team runs out of these supplies, you will not be given additional supplies. 2. It would be advisable to have team members with different duties within the team. For example, designate one member as a medic, the medic will be allowed to carry twice the amount of medical supplies as the rest of the team. 3. Each team will be given a vehicle to use for insertion and extraction. These vehicles will have a mounted .50 cal. The admin overseeing the event will clear any roaming ai along the route. This will allow the teams to focus on the mission at hand. Avoid town invasions and exile missions as these will be left alone for any players who wish to not participate in the event. 4. The VIP for this op will be an item in a crate. Reason for this is to allow for everyone to play the op. Being a vip is boring.. you just stare at a wall lol. 5. BLUFOR teams will be given grid coords of the town and an approximate location of the vip. (You still have to actually search for the vip) 6. The extraction point will be marked on map prior to the start of the op. I will also place a territory flag (level 1) as the extraction point. The territory will be named extraction point so you will know when you have reached it. (Youll see the territory name pop up). 7. Admins will NOT be allowed to use any admin tools or abilities during the cqb op. The admin overseeing the event (like a referee) may use god mode. All admins may use the necessary tool to assist with roaming ai. No other tools may be used. Lets keep this faur to all participants:) We have 17 days to make any adjustments per higher up admins than myself. So, its up to you guys how we do this. Do yall want just the basic MOUT PVP or the VIP Extraction? Leave a comment and let me know so i can start getting things ready
  8. Good evening Convicts! I will be hosting an Event on the PVE server on Sunday, January 20th @ 8PM CST. This event will Consist of a Marksmanship Contest with the Top shooter walking away with some Sweet loot and Tabs. This event is about Weapon Proficiency gentlemen, there are NO points for 2nd place I will be hosting this event every month, so train up boys! DETAILS: Weapons used: M4/MP5 for CQB - This course will be set in a MOUT Environment. (For those of you who are unaware of MOUT, think of a town invasion on foot.. Close quarters combat with aim bot ai in the town.. you must clear each building room by room.) MOUT is designed to train for these encounters. THIS IS A GROUP EVENT. TEAMS of 3 to 4 are advised. Admins will play the ai and yes we will be shooting back, so play smart. (This event is just for fun and is NOT part of the Contest) However, if a team manages to clear out all the admins, prizes will be awarded to all team members. DMR for long range - Will be held most likely on the salt flats. targets will consist of both stationary and moving targets at various ranges from 300M to 1200M. THIS IS A SOLO EVENT. Optics for these weapons will be selected as the event gets closer. and i test the effectiveness of our selections in game. ALL Weapons and Gear will be provided for the events. Including transportation. Admins who wish to participate in the CQB event, please respond to this thread or shoot me a PM on the forums and ill add you to the list.
  9. B.Wendel


    be patient, there are several applications that i know of, but that sort of thing takes X8's time as well. its not easy being the man
  10. So if my girlfriend just did a static mission and completed it with an AXE!! (She has video proof) does it count?
  11. Noted. I did park my heli outside the safe zone. Last time i played, it was ok to do so. But its within 1k. I will be sure to move it when i get home from work. It is my fault as i did not check the updated rules. I have played on this server for several months, but that was over a year ago. I should have glanced at the rules to see if anything changed. That is entirely my fault and i apologize.
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