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  1. take them back out and see if it boots again
  2. Let me know when 1.04 is going to be implemented.
  3. on this one you look fairly close to the other missions.
  4. My mom must be paying you to say that.
  5. If we turn up the terraingrid a little so that we can see some grass at long distances, will that have big impact on the server? Is it something we can test out? Would like to get a little more accuracy and less rocks in the air. Just a suggestion.
  6. Ya it's a twist on the house by house pursuit we've normally been doing. I think doing the town missions this way gives a balanced game play with the AI. Next Mission: We roll up with 3 armed Black SUV's, CIA style and take over the town. One driver, 1 gunner in each vehicle rolling down the street in a convoy. It'll be awesome.
  7. Just a highlight of flying out the airplane from the Black Market mission that we all collaborated on. Funny stuff! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/163439539
  8. What I like: Ping is outstanding for me. Server runs smooth. Love the rules and structure. Love the many options for loadouts. Admins are great a resolving issues. What I'd like to see. A PVP zone on the PVE server, just one place for us to engage against each other. Smarter AI. Would like to see the AI throw down some smoke to conceal themselves, come after me when they know I am there Create harder missions; have a very difficulty mission where helicopters or airplanes can get shot down using missiles or projectiles if detected. Nothi
  9. I think for just the harder missions like the colonel level missions the mission should be hard for helicopters as well, not sure if that is a setting you can make happen in Exile, but to have NPC's with the capability to shoot down aircraft would be a great challenge. This is why it makes sense to just put it on the colonel level missions, then everyone would know what to expect. all other missions would stay the say.
  10. I'd like to see the AI on missions have Anti-aircraft weapons so that helicopters can't just sit far out range of most rifles and easily mop up the mission. It would would be more of a challenge if the harder missions had this ability of the AI to shoot down aircraft with RPGs or SAMs.
  11. My oceanside sunset view....complete with helicopter
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