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  1. 1. what server would you like to see / play on the most.

    • Arma 2 Cherno Epoch
    • Arma 3 King of the Hill
    • Minecraft
    • Other (comment below)

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immure in cline on anything, I enjoy learning new game server, starter arma 2 epoch, then over poch, then over watch, id say lets make out arma 3 better find better mods, brain storm on what we could inside the server. like my Russian roulette event 10k buy in ( use to be), and 6 ppl go in but one wins, and I usually double the pot. lol it was loads of fun... but ark is good to, we ned to find mods that are great for it. but like I sed I say let brain storm on making what we have better. if all else fail, deadman can hit the big reset button and start from scratch, lol.

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Hi there. I currently run a PVP Conan Exiles server hosted through GTXgaming. I have about 9 regular players including myself and the lady wife. 

I won't tout for business here but I'm very willing to discuss bringing the server under Old Guys Rule umbrella should you want to expand into this genre. I've been playing your Arma 3 now for a week or so and really enjoying the community you have going and even recognize some of the names from a couple of years back when i used to play Arma 2 Epoch. So think you may be a great home for the server and offer some sword swinging options for the daring do...

Hit me up here or in TS

Crankey  o7


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