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  1. Happy Independence Day Today in America, is a holiday marked with cookouts, parades, concerts, music, fireworks and the timeless chant "Murica'." As we celebrate today, I invite everyone to remember the sacrifices of those in uniform. Not only for those in the military but our men and women in blue, the tireless work of firefighters, doctors and nurses, our educators and all the efforts of everyday citizens that contribute to what makes America such an amazing country. It is important to remember today not only as our nation's independence but as a mark of the valiant efforts of im
  2. I understand while at the same time sympathizing. First and foremost, I know we as a community and team demand fairness. Standards must be enforced and no one is above the rules of OGG. Secondly, I want everyone to remember. Admins are people too, we put in tireless hours and work in the background, not for recognition. We do it because we love the community, the people and the environment. People work tirelessly in the background, updating, coding, bug checking, and doing all we can to cater to the players. At the same time, I want everyone remember, it is a labor of love. Sometimes
  3. @ViciousCR Thanks, missed that. Must be blind now.
  4. Dane is in the process finalizing an OGG admin application.
  5. It to me looks like a run of the mill Ar platform. What sticks out to me is the "specs" of the rifle closely mirror the military "requirements" for a battle rifle and at 900 MSRP that isn't too bad.
  6. I'll comment the first gripe that has been bothering me all day. So at Shot Show this year, CMMG released what they call a full "Takedown" Upper. Basically, hand guard and barrel is a separate component from the upper receiver. It will allow you to store it in a smaller area as well as "field" capable caliber changes assuming you have that 7.62/.308 bolt. Everyone is going crazy about it, calling it the future. Here I am scratching my head, going what? We are finally doing what the Steyr Aug has been capable of doing since 1978. How is this "revolutionary?" Also, just noticed. So th
  7. So, I have been told that when I show up on a thread things get off topic. So, in that regard I will make a thread off topic. Talk about whatever you want here, off topic or on, whatever. - Remember though rules still apply, no racism, sexism, lewd photos and etc et al.
  8. Rand0m_Her0

    Chuggz' PC

    Dad was a fed, so it is registered as a pre-ban assault weapon. He transferred it to me, had it since I was a kid.
  9. Rand0m_Her0

    Chuggz' PC

    Not an M16A1, that rifle in the photo predates that. It is a Pre-ban Colt AR-15 SP-1, not the lack of a forward assist.
  10. Rand0m_Her0

    Chuggz' PC

    I have a lot more, but I am too lazy to take a photo of them.
  11. Rand0m_Her0

    Chuggz' PC

    Mines now even big league, my build is considered "budget high end." I am saving up to build a new one, problem is rationalizing the cost over getting a new rifle.
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