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1/2 Mill worth of Money hidden in 5 Armoured SUV's

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The Black Market has inspired me to evolve the story such that a Gang, a Squad of disgruntled Police, a Drug-Lord, a Politician and Band of Merry-Men, have started hoarding Money and stashing it away in protected locations around the map for safe-keeping...

I have hidden 5 Armoured/Armed SUV's around the map each containing 100k worth of ''Money''.


They are locked and coded 1212.

I will give out clues as the days go by if they are not found, however you may start immediately using these clues:

1-- The SUV's are Black ;)

2-- 2 of the SUV's are parked uncovered by anything and visible from above.

3-- 3 of the SUV's are parked in the large grey/white ''warehouse-type'' buildings with the double doors.

4-- 3 of the SUV's are parked within range of Military outposts to protect them.

5-- Only 1 SUV is still outdoors, 2 are left in the warehouses. (Feb 16th)

6-- If you were on the server today, there was a parked SUV near you. (Feb 16th)

7-- If you see me (Silver) fairly regularly, there's an SUV near your base flag. (Feb 20th)

8-- Be careful not to get poisoned, you may need a mask if you make a wrong turn. (Feb 20th)

9-- Watch out for Airplanes!!!! (Feb 20th) (This clue doesn't apply anymore)

10-- Does anyone else feel a bit salty?!? (Feb 20th)

11-- The last SUV is parked not too far from a fairly large city. (Feb 25)

12-- The last SUV is fortunate to be parked indoors since the salt could make it rust quickly! (Feb 25)

13-- Stay tuned for more clues....

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updated clues
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All 5 of the SUV's have been located and collected -- Pyro (1 was in a warehouse, 1 was outdoors)
                                                                                         -- Andy (2 were in warehouses, 1 was outdoors)

Edited by Silver_Fox
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Hey silver, I found the one that was hidden visibly.  I can give you the exact location i found it.  I drove it a few miles and my game froze and it kicked me off the game giving me some error.  I was able to relog and i took all the money out of the vehicle.  So if someone claims they found it you will know that they didn't find the right one if the money isn't in it (because it is in my bag).  I tried to get in and drive but as soon as i hit "W" it freezes and kicks me.  Now it won't even let me back in the game because it apparently thinks im inside the truck still.  Im going to mess around with a few things but hopefully i can talk to you or your admins in the next few hours and get this figured out. 

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So Kaff tried to get into and drive it but everytime he would get into it i would crash... so we blew it up.  I just took the "money" out and traded it in.  which is cool i guess... i don't think it would be a good vehicle to keep around.  So we are down to one... Which clues corrispond with the last one?  We know it will be inside a warehouse.

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