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  1. i know, was just kidding around.... this was fun. Dodging Ai and this to find stuff! GG thx!
  2. So Kaff tried to get into and drive it but everytime he would get into it i would crash... so we blew it up. I just took the "money" out and traded it in. which is cool i guess... i don't think it would be a good vehicle to keep around. So we are down to one... Which clues corrispond with the last one? We know it will be inside a warehouse.
  3. Hey silver, I found the one that was hidden visibly. I can give you the exact location i found it. I drove it a few miles and my game froze and it kicked me off the game giving me some error. I was able to relog and i took all the money out of the vehicle. So if someone claims they found it you will know that they didn't find the right one if the money isn't in it (because it is in my bag). I tried to get in and drive but as soon as i hit "W" it freezes and kicks me. Now it won't even let me back in the game because it apparently thinks im inside the truck still. Im going to mess around
  4. I got hit by lightening today and it ruptured the fuel tank. I was flying a Taru really high at night during a storm. I watched it hit me it was kind of cool. I was near 2 AI trucks but they didn't shoot. I would have seen the tracers. I thought that was interesting. Something you all can look out for.
  5. I am still hunting to no avail... Latest clues didn't help....
  6. Im searching... crahsed my heli so im back on foot... going to nap for a bit
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