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Hello  OGG Crew

    It would seem that the frequency at which the Admins are on the server is at a serious decline.  I have found myself and many other players waiting on a admin for a restart or otherwise for issues relevant to the PVE server.  With these facts in mind I submit that we need to get some more admins signed up.  Many individuals that are signed up have not frequented the server for  a week or more which leaves only our dedicated X8 to pick up all the slack.  While X8 is dedicated and a fantastic Admin he has to sleep sometime! As of now and many times over the last few weeks the server is down (although doesn't show that) and no one can connect.

  Please help!! Hours are limited for us Old Guys and it would be nice to maintain some sort of predictable pattern of game play.




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I've been vocal about this with several of the players I'm around and I eventually decided to give it a shot myself and apply. I feel like the adminshio should be on a a time frame. Like you have the 4 hours between restart, certain admins should be assigned to each restart as to make sure help is always there. I know that would be hard to do with most people working during the first 2 but I'm sure we could come up with a system that functions in a way so that admins aren't under so much stress and that players arnt waiting hours or even days for an admin.

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