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Vehicles left at trader

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27/7/18 @1630 GMT

I have just been to the main trader and found numerous vehicle flouting the 1000m parking rule.

3 SMG Striders

2 Ifrits

3 Tugs

2 Vodniks

Have all been deleated because there owners logged within 1k of the trader, these vehicles were probably hard earned and full of kit and been lost because you haven't read the rules which are in your XM8, this rule is in place because when you pull into the trader your computer has to load all the items at the trader including items in your vehicle, and any other vehicle including those that have logged, this can cause a serous drop in frame rates. So to the players that have lost a ton of tabs maybe next time you will read the rules.



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Noted. I did park my heli outside the safe zone. Last time i played, it was ok to do so. But its within 1k. I will be sure to move it when i get home from work.


It is my fault as i did not check the updated rules. I have played on this server for several months, but that was over a year ago. I should have glanced at the rules to see if anything changed. That is entirely my fault and i apologize.

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