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  1. I've rolled back the server to around 2 am last night. Will check and see if that fixed it.
  2. Joseph, as far as I know no bases were wiped. We removed some thatch bases that weren't being used but no dinos were removed during that. Most of the thatch were platforms or starter bases. Do you have a tribe and anyone else in your tribe that could have demolished or taken your dinos?
  3. Brian, Have you tried the VEMF missions? They're the missions that occupy the towns and once completed the loot is really good. Since they are in town you might have a better chance of avoiding AI while you load and make your escape. Also what most of the guys do that are long time players is vehicle hunt. If they manage to find a BTR or something with AI they disable it, the AI jumps out and they kill them and then take the vehicle and sell it. You might try either of these and see if it helps? Jason
  4. Because we run a PvE server the destructive potential of artillery is too great. We have had problems in the past with players abusing them so it was decided to not put them in at all. Adding the other drones may be a possibility. I'll talk it over with the other admins and see what they think. I don't want missions to become trivial when you can just send a drone out to complete them. No risk vs reward.
  5. Wareagle252. I did find a way to bring the money/rep over from the DB so I am planning on doing that. I want to make it as easy on the players as I can. Also Corylus the DP buildables are now indestructible but only after a server restart when they save to the database. Prior to that if they are placed during the 4 hours they can still be destroyed until they save. I lowered the prices on them as well in the trader to make them a more attractive alternative.
  6. Any of the add ons we put on would not affect the FPS. In fact they should improve the FPS. Adding in new construction items with less object count means less objects loading on the server which means lowered FPS. Moving AI spawning and calculations over to the headless client to take the load off the server means better frames and server performance. Across the board we have noticed better FPS with most if not all players. Sometimes with a 10-15 FPS increase. We still aren't perfect, we also struggle with performance simply because we are running on a virtual machine instead of a true dedicat
  7. Brad, Try logging in again. Occasionally a character is bugged and logs in with 0 health resulting in death. I've added health to you in the database so you should be ok now. jaspoe30
  8. We are still working on it. Looking into some other server type options as well but as of right now it's too early to spill the beans.
  9. I understand Alan. We all get to a point where we're burned out and it's only understandable to think introducing new things will freshen up the server, however, it unfortunately only works for a short time and then boredom will again set in. Sometimes it's just time to take a break and play some other games or do some other type of activities. I enjoy modding the server and adding new things for the players to enjoy. It's fun for me to see players enjoying themselves on a server I helped put together.
  10. Thanks Forty! We all really appreciate anything that can help keep the server running. Every little bit helps =)
  11. While we appreciate the suggestions the snarky comments are not needed. Like I said before there are only 2 of us working on the server. Anything that does change will be for the betterment of the community and not to please one or two players. We do look at all the suggestions and we do discuss them however there is a limit to what we can implement and what we can't. Changing the map or changing the way the entire server runs is not something to take lightly and requires a TON of work, not to mention that we need to take into consideration the other players and how they would react to such a
  12. If I had my way those bases would be gone as well. When I take on a mission I want to be challenged. To me that's fun (maybe it's not fun for other people to do it this way). Where is the fun when you have towers or a tank and kill everything in a matter of seconds with little risk for the reward? At this point it just becomes more of a grind and your doing it only for the loot and respect....at some point I would ask myself "Wait....this was supposed to be fun right?" My main issue with tanks and the like is if they are used to clear a mission from 1000m out. If we could figure out a way to b
  13. We are looking into it. You have to realize there are only 2 of us that work on the server and we both have jobs as well. Patience is key here =P
  14. I would prefer that vehicles that are capable of completing a mission in seconds not be used. I have 2 reasons for this: 1st reason is that missions aren't designed for this type of attack and have no real defense against it. You're basically hitting the easy mode button without any real effort or risk. The 2nd reason is that it has and will cause hard feelings for other players. If other players don't have the ability, the vehicle or want to finish a mission without using vehicles and have to compete with players using God's Wrath of vehicles then it's an unfair advantage that I would prefer
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