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Sorry we have been gone so long..... But....


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So not sure how many remember my husband Honid and I. It has been a crazy couple of years. In 2020 we welcomed our son. Sadly he was born 5 months early and had to spend 6 months in the hospital. (some may know his story already) But he came home and became one of the youngest preemies to survive. He just turned 2 on June 5th. With all the things that have happened to us in that time we haven't been able to save any money. We are now living in a motel til we can get on our feet. Which isn't working so well, because we are living paycheck to paycheck. Our son needs 24/7 hands on care due to his medical conditions he has, I am unable to work as I take care of his extra care needs (medical wise). He still has medical equipment that he uses daily. We are not asking for anything, just wanted to share our story. I will post links to his story and our givesendgo. All request for his group will be accepted if you join. Thank you for being an awesome community. We do miss gaming but life has been busy.



Facebook group for our son:

Give send go link:

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Hey Green, nice to hear from you again, say hi to Honid for me.

Good to hear the little one is still with us, but sorry to hear youre having a rough time of things lately. Hopefully it will smooth out for you soon and you find some help.

Yes we also miss seeing you around, maybe you will find more time when things settle down.



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