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NEW Missions (several)


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New Mission in the works ( actually a few but some are not working as i want ) .

Here are some clues to the missions I am trying to get to work:

First is Holiday Road.



Next is Hitman




Third is Smokey and The Bandit / Convoy


I think Holiday Road might not be exactly the same as (a) the film (b) my dayz video 😎

Actually non of what you see is going to be in the missions but are just reference points to the style rather than the content.


EDIT 18:00 23rd March 2019: Convoy is a promising mission - it will be HARD however  to get completed due to the turret.....

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Mission Name: Convoy

Mission Directive: Multiple levels each reward a different land vehicle

Mission Hazards: Lots of AI and a nasty Turret.

Mission is not hard if you scout it first.

This mission is modelled on FOTN mission.

Uploaded to Teamspeak room with others.....


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UPDATE: Well that was bad planning - Holiday Road is NOT going to happen I am afraid nor is Hitman ( cannot build the mission the way I wanted ) might be possible with Zeus but then thats another story.

Working on a thing called G.O.A.T - acronym for Get Off Altis Trevor....

Went to play DAYZ to get inspiration and found Dayz 1.0/1.1 is a total bag of [insert bleeping for the next twelve words............................................................................................................]

So be back soon with Trevor if that works..... or possibly something completely different..

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I was going to try to compile this as a short video but as we all know things never work out as intended so in case my plan fails here is the sketch script - you will have to use your own imagination and try to use the voices for the Monty Python Team as I intended....


Crackly Music plays the Radio broadcast News intro.....

[A radio station is setup on the dining room table of a small British Working Family home, circa 1966! A row of ornamental ducks are lined up above a gaudy green tiled fireplace]: Use your imagination chaps....

A Very British Accent Newsman: [John Cleese]: "Here is The News..."  [then more urgently sounding]    "Just in!"      "A talking goat called.. Trevor,"

Cockney voice: [Eric Idle]: [whispering]:      ["thats a funny name for a goat..."]

Newsman: "Trevor" [pause] "has been found, living on a Greek Island."

Newsman: "The predicament is that the Island recently became a prison for criminals."

Cockney voice :[whispering]: ["That goat is right royally f....."]

Newsman: [Interrupts]:      "Will you please be quiet I am trying to read the news !"

Cockney voice: [whispering]: "sorry...."

Newsman: [speaking quieter than he has]"Where do, we find our staff."

Cockney voice:  "What do you mean"   [casually imitating the Newsmans accent]     "Where do we find our staff"

Newsman: "Right!"  [Sound of chair moving abruptly  then rapidly shuffling footsteps]   "That's it"   " Your Fired!"

Cockney voice: "You cant fire me" [short pause] "I'm yer dad"

Womans voice [Monty Python Life of Brian style]: [Terry Jones]: "Oyy!" "you cant talk to him like that"

Cockney voice and Newsman: [loudly together]: "OH!" "Shut Up Mother!"

Womans voice: [upset higher pitched]: "Dont youooo tell me to shut up".. 

Banging and crashing can be heard in the background as the music plays the "out" for the news...

A very male British voice: []: "And so, a military mission has been called for by the islanders" "Codenamed, Get Off Altis Trevor" [pause] "GOAT for short......"

[noises in background stop]:

Newsman, Dad and Mother:    [all together]:  "OY!" "who the F[beeeeep] are you!"


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