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Returning player "issues"

TFaR Savage

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So, coming back to the game after quite a long break due to computer issues. There seems to be a lot of changes and not many for the better IMO. First off the roaming AI seems incredibly "over-tuned". I understand the concept being that we should be aware at all times, or something of the sort. But in the short while I've been back it's only been a sheer anger-inducing unbalanced blob of crap. Just wondering the reasoning behind adding these roaming vehicles and AI, and why we went away from the RNG based "policing force" and "base raids". Takes away a lot of the fun that the game was, going out with a sniper and killing AI and making a little bit of money. Which in the moment feels near impossible due to the roaming AI and vehicles introduced. Just my two cents, I'll stay on the forums to see if anything changes for the better, but as of now I'm on the hunt for a new server. 


With the best of hopes,

a former OGGer,


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I have done missions on foot and I have done them in Vehicles, Ive done the town invades on foot aswell, everything is possiable and being ARMAED is a RNG chance that it will bone you when you least expect it. Yes i agree that the "AI" is smarter them most servers but that what makes it to me a good server. Its not for the faint at heart, ive also lost 3 gorgons, 3  tatras and 3 tow tractors, two sets of which to a couple of rocket cessnas. "they dive bombed me" so i know how you feel,  Just keep trucking and ask for help or if you wan join in on a mission. 



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