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  1. i am assuming since there has been a server wipe x8 you'll place another one
  2. is there any chance of getting a link to the utube channel here so we can subscribe ? can't wait to see the mayhem lol
  3. my cheese burgers on its way but recommend not eating as it comeing from australia lol
  4. i for one REALLY appreciate all the work you and everyone else does to keep the server up and running jaspoe30 double thumbs up mate
  5. well done michael that was great lol
  6. hi guys Me personally have sniped missions and died and i have used btr's/tanks on missions and died the only difference is i've lost my 80,000+ armored vehicle I can't see how if one player uses a tank on a mission should be upsetting anyone considering they are free to do the same its simply a players or opportunity decision with nearly all the ai carrying some form of rocket launcher just trying to get to trader is difficult lol (thanks X8 by the way ) anyway happy gaming everyone
  7. hello everyone just wondering if there was a way to increase the difficulty of the ai base mission on the salt flats ? myself and alan snack bar did this last night and to say it was easy is an understatement all the ai were in one corner, only one mounted gun defense and one armed strider. is there a way to increase the ai difficulty level as well more anti vehicle defense possibly mines around the outer perimeter ? its just that its suposed to be a base and well you dont need much to take it down lol i know i'm probably shooting my self in the foot so to speak and will quickly get my ass handed to me if/when any changes are made but bring on the wake up call lol love all the hard work you guys do and am willing to help out where ever i can cheers
  8. hi guy's first off great server great community a really appreciate all the work every one does to keep it going my opinion mirrors that of alan's snackbar and (cj)45 i think the server is a little ai heavy, one problem i am finding with the ai tanks is the trouble you have of getting the ai out of them even when you have disabled them maybe lowering the number of roaming ai and beefing up the missions would be a way to go i for one enjoy doing the missions but find them a little easy because of so few ai at them. i also agree with the loot spawning is there a way to increase the time and what is spawned ? anyway thats my two cents worth lol see you in game
  9. jasonf


    hi guys not sure where to post this so here it is a while back lillbunny foo foo started up a face book page and i was wondering if its still being attended to by anyone now ? i've noticed no new posts for a while but will throw something on there and see what happens cheers
  10. Thanks guys for the opportunity to serve oog as an admin i appreciate the vote of conferdance and will do my best to help where ever needed lol
  11. Hi guy's first of all love the server and thanks again for putting in a huge effort for us dunce's to enjoy now to the question can you extend the despawn time on the ai ? i've done a few missions now by snipeing and i'm finding by the time i get down to loot the bodies have started to despawn there for missing out on needed loot lol. Can you also expand to towing list at all ? so far i have only found that the hemtt truck will tow my tank ( big thanks to napoleon for the help there cheers ) i don't mind if my tank can't tow but could we get some of the armed vehicles that you can purchase from the trader to tow ? i ask this as my tank doesn't hold a lot and i'm having to leave loot behind lol :cool: and it would be nice to be able to tow my hemtt with and armed vehicle to repell choppers and such with out having to get out and untow. again thanks for providing a great server
  12. hay marshall awesome video mate we should have that one the home page so new/visitors can see it straight away well done
  13. hi deadman and everyone i myself don't mind a map change and wipe it may bring in new players as well since the population has been very low lately also deadman i have admin status on the a2 server and was just wondering if you were aware of that lol
  14. thanks jaspoe30 really appreciate all the hard work you and every one else puts in to keep the servers going and to make it enjoyable
  15. damm the respawn i haven't died for ages i die trying to get a mates gear and get killed and can't respawn any closer than 5k away anything closer is locked please can we look at this system thanks
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