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PVT R.Irvine

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So one thing I've noticed, and many can agree with, is the obscene and ridiculous reaction to AI. Increase in difficulty shouldn't mean that the enemy can spot you 1.4k away, full ghillie, behind that rock and tree on an elevated position without firing a shot. It's ridiculous how the AI react. If you know how to configure it, VCOM2 can even the playing field and still make things challenging while being more fair to us instead of getting hammered by gunfire while prone no matter where we move to at any distance. I might as well be running up to them with a shotgun at the rate they spot snipers in this game.

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I agree. I can only do missions in a certain way because the AI are so effective at killing me. They are extremely accurate. They have one shot killed me many times while I was hundreds of meters away in a moving vehicle.

I enjoy the encounter with raid teams the most. Their accuracy might be unrealistically low, but I can enjoy killing them.

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