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Roaming AI?

Mr. G

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Hello OGG,

not sure if you remember me but I've been playing on the A2 server for quite some time. Had a fantastic experience, found nice ppl to play with...
Too bad the server is gone... but I guess no one was playing there anymore (including me).
I started to play on the A3 Altis pve server a few days ago... and I already have some suggestions.
I don't want to bother you. I know managing a server is not easy, but I guess some feedback can be useful.

For my style of playing I like exploring and roaming around.
I don't always feel to go for a mission.
Especially if I just started on a server and I don't have any decent weapon with a decent scope hehe ;)

Anyway... from the first few hours of playing I have notice a some things:

  1. No roaming AI?
    I have found none or very very few AIs around.
    I loved the A2 server where you could never relax and always have to watch out for incominc AI.
    Yeah sometimes they just popped out of nowhere and killed me without any way to defend. But I guess it's realistic in such situations and the ability to get back to my corpse fast was enough to eliminate the frustration. But here on the A3 server... it's a bit boring.
    To the point that after exploring with caution for a long time... you relax, and that's the point you get killed.
    You may say it's my fault I can't keep the concentration, but I really wish I found more AI's roaming and exploring.
    Ambush them and get their loot (or fail pathetically and get owned :D ).
  2. Can opener
    LOL I know it's stupid but I've been playing hours and I couldn't find a damn can opener.
    After a long walk I got to the trader north of Kavala and... there is no shop that sells it! (or I didn't find it)
    AAARRGGG!!! :D 
    I know this a post-apocalyptic game where nothing should be too easy to find but...
    A can opener? Or anything similar to open a can? Really?
    Objectively, it should be in the first house I enter, but I understand it would be too easy.
    But HOURS of search looks absurd.
    I know that it's probably sold at another trader and soon I'll have te money to go there and buy whatever I want, but looking for stuff in the environment is so much more fun (if it's possible to find it lol).
  3. Vehicles
    No vehicles around. Many hours walking around. Not even a bike. And I can't even buy it at trader... :(
    While on the other server, the Malden one, I've seen tons of quadbikes everywhere.

There are probably good reason why the things are set this way (I noticed stable and very good FPS which would probably get worse with more AIs and more vehicles around).
But I wanted to throw my 2 cents here ;)

Thanks for reading and sorry if it was a long post!

See you all online...

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1. The reasoning behind the shutdown of the Arma 2 server is that we no longer have anyone to do dev work on it and there wasn’t anyone playing it for quite some time.  As for the roaming AI it might have something to do with server performance, not sure. 


2. All bambi’s spawn with a can opener on them. So if you can’t find one and need a vehicle to traverse the map you can respawn and then you can solve two issues at a time. 


3. See response to question 2


Regards, Dane 


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Hey Dane,

thanks for the quick reply.
Are you sure about the can opener? O.oO.oO.o
I died multiple times but I still don't have it on me.
And I could not open cans, so I am sure I don't have it in my pockets without knowing...
Will check and let you know.

As for the rest... thanks for the clarification.


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Looking at the respect load out file it appears that I made a booboo. Currently as it stands the server tries to add a can opener to the vest of a fresh spawn (someone with < 5k respect). The issue is that they don't have a vest... Should be fixed after a restart or so.

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