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  1. Nova Scotia Trading Company Nova Scotia Trading Company was established by only a handful among numerous of Scottish descendants inhibiting the new lands. As both founding members Daniel Carter and Hunter Wallace originate from outskirts of Edinburgh, and are both coming from two very different family lines. While Hunter Wallace is a descendant of one of the once largest landlords, who until Anglo-Scottish wars owned numerous herds of cattle and horses, Daniel Carter, is a common son of a merchant, who, after his father's death, took on family business, but the small shop was soon ran out of business by ever so increasing number of merchants from other parts of Great Britain, and forced Daniel to join the army. They both had one thing in-common, they were both robbed of what was rightfully theirs, and they both needed to establish a new, better life for themselves. They first met, when not too many years later, Hunter first took a step into an old London barracks, a home of famous Royal Guards. After many years of misfortune, he finally decide to enlist and try his luck as part of the British standing army, and he succeeded. They met on a one especially dark, hazy and rainy English night, when Captain Daniel Carter, rode into small fortification just fifty miles off east coast of Great Britain. He, a well-established Captain of Royal Hussars, was on a lookout for suitable men, to join his light, scout cavalry troop. He tested every single men, yet, no luck. And just when he tried to leave, a single rider was storming towards the gates of small fortification, and the alarm went through the ranks. Daniel rallied his cavalrymen out to aid of their fellow soldier, who was riding as a wind... He was chased by bandits, who at sight of heavy cavalry started turning around, and at that moment, a single approaching rider - a fellow soldier, turned around, lift his hunting bow and fired and arrow that pierced one of it's enemy right through chest... At that moment Daniel knew, that he found at least one of the men he needed, and a more than capable one... It was Hunter, and he was immediately, by order of King itself ordered to join Scout Cavalry Troop "Red Hussars", under 17th Cavalry Regiment. MORE TO COME!
  2. "As the trees who push their branches together, not merely to compete, but to strive as individuals, as ants anxious to build their perfect shelter, as wolves who walk their own path, but rush to aid as soon as pack needs them. We are the order, we are Wolves." The Order We are the small order of riders from the steppe, who value life above death, and value friendship over life, and as that we joined together in order to each benefit from this company. We are highly skilled craftsmen, herdsmen and farmers, highly involved in trade, as we are skilled warriors ever ready to protect our lands and our members from any adversity world has to offer. High Council The high council of the order is a executive body of the order, it accepts and manages all the decisions regarding our faction. -MORE TO COME, IN TIME-
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