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An idea that happened during a recent meeting is to set up a PC part exchange to help fellow members in need, so we ask you not to request money for the parts (all postage paid by recipient) 

Put either the part / specs you are looking for OR the part that you have available, then the State / area you are shipping from DO NOT PUT YOUR ADDRESS ON THE FORUM! It is the assumption the recipient will be paying for postage / fees incurred. 

The Format below should be followed. (Example only)

Part(s): GTX 1080 TI, i7 7700k

Area: Huddersfield, UK

Once someone has taken / asked for the part please make sure you edit the post and Strikethrough the post:

Part(s): GTX 1080 TI, i7 7700k

Area: Huddersfield, UK

If you are requesting a part when you reply please quote the post.


Part(s): GTX 1080 TI, i7 7700k

Area: Huddersfield, UK

Hey, I'd like to get this part if it is still free.

Then send your address through a PM / Teamspeak.


For security reasons do not post your address on the forum on in a public channel on Teamspeak, if anyone is caught posting an address they will be punished accordingly and may be reported to the relevant authorities if deemed necessary.  

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Since no one has, let me list my spares.
3 processors- AMD A4-APU, AMD A8-APU, and FX-4300
2 Power Supplies- a 300w non-modular and a 450w non-modular
A custom loop radiator with tubing and fans, just needs pump and cooling block and a little extra tubing
Spare Noctua Brackets
Tons of SATA Cables
System Fans
2 stock air coolers for FX-Series (no heatpipes)
And on Christmas of 2017, i will have a spare FX-6350, Asus Sabertooth 990FX Mobo, and 12gbs of 1866mhz, cas 9 latency

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