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The so called wipe

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This is in regards to Server 1 Altis PvE Exile


So a lot of people have been asking when's the wipe happening etc.

The simple answer is it's not.

The thing that is happening is a rebuild, however this is going to take at least 2-3 months and with 1.7 release in just under 2 weeks it may be even longer and I am also in the process on my final exams so this will be even more of a delay so you can all play because you have lots of waiting around for nothing to happen.




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Server 1: OGG PvE Exile Altis map 
Has absolutely wrong with it, it is playable and stable. 

However, it can be better. From a coding standpoint, there is a lot to be optimized. Over time, with hot fixes and quick coding patches the code can bog down, rather then react to a problem down the line. We are deciding to kick out the cob webs and proactively rework it. However, all this work will be done on a test server. We wont release/edit/change anything on the PvE sever until we have a beautiful finished product. 


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