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Maintenance Box 2

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On 5/2/17 Box2 which runs Arma 2 PvE, Arma 3 PvP, Both Ark Servers, and the Life is Feudal Server will be under going maintenance at 07:00 AM CST.which will last around 15 minutes. (Teamspeak and the forums) will also be down for this time ONLY.This is so the box can be shutdown for an installation of a SSD. On the same day at 11:30 CST all of the Arma 2 PvE, Arma 3 PvP, and the Life is Feudal Server will be shutdown for no longer than an hour to move all of the databases to the new hardware. Sorry for an inconvenience

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Thank you everyone for your patience this morning, here is a summary of what happened:

when the SSD was installed it had altered the BIOS and affected the box clock, this then restricted the RDP access and therefore we couldn't start the servers etc. This has taken all morning to resolve but is now up and running so we can all stop with the withdrawal symptoms.

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Sorry to bother with such a question, but I've searched other news and I couldn't find any.
Is there any ETA on arma 2 pve server coming back up?
I wouldn't ask, I know that if it's down you know that and are already working on it.
I read about the maintenance but if I calculated the time conversion right it should be done by now, so I guess there are some troubles...
I'm sure it's for our best that the server gets upgraded/updated, so again, sorry to ask, but it's my day off so I just want to know if there is the possibility I'll be able to play shortly or I better go do something else :D

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