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OGG Events  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. What game? (Multi Choice)

    • Arma 3
    • Arma 2
    • Life is Feudal
    • Ark survival Evolved
    • Minecraft
    • All of the Above
    • Other
  2. 2. What sort of event? (Multi Choice)

    • Treasure Hunt
    • Team Competition
    • Objective Style
    • General Knowledge
    • Clue Trails
    • Other

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So with the recent addition of severs there is a possibility to run multiple events and even just an event server (Not a definite thing). So what games would you like to see the events on and what sort of events would you participate in. An explanation of what each event means is below.

Treasure Hunt: Given something to find in an area, a crate safe etc.

Team Competition: Teams of 2/3/4 etc given tasks to carry out, PvP events, Race for wool Competitions, etc.

Objective Style: Capture the Flag, Transport the Vehicle etc.

General Knowledge: Quiz on certain areas/games to give in-game rewards etc.

Clue Trails: Answer the clue get given location of another clue until you get a reward.


If you vote other please answer in the following format will make things easier to record.

Reply format:

Your Game Choice with reason.

Your Event Choice with reason.

General Comment.


If this does go ahead and people would like to make this sort of thing a regular occurrence I would like to have a group of volunteers (don't have to be admins) to monitor/record the events to make sure it is fair etc.

In terms of prizes for each of the events this may range from in game rewards to steam cards or if you're lucky games.


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