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Couple of years old now, gets a yearly upgrade somewhere along the way. Generally if the upgrade is a motherboard I get all new.

Win 10  64

Mboard ASUS B150 Pro Gaming D3

I7 6700 @3.4 Ghz

16gb Ram DDR3

Geforce GTX 1060  VR & DX12

256mb SSD for C drive

Toshiba 1TB +2TB Sata 6gb/s

28" Acer monitor + 26" Hanns.G monitor

Stryder keyboard mouse set, cheapo stuff that works just fine & dandy

Kotion Each G2000 headset or Edifier 5.1 with woof speakers and Trust desk mic.

Upgarde needed on my reflexes and ability to process visible information into survivability !



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