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Arma 3 Installation


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Using A3 Launcher: http://a3launcher.com/

  1. First set your arma 3 directory and where you want your mods installed, (Recommend: Both in Arma 3 Folder) 
  2. Next subscribe/download the following mods: Cup Unit, weapons and vehicles, Exile and Community Based Addons (CBA) 
  3. Finally Search Old Guys Gaming and click the play button, if done correctly arma will launch and you'll be on the server.

Using Arma 3 Launch in Steam:

If connecting through website use this method.

  1. Firstly download the mods for the server or subscribe to them on the steam workshop.
  2. Either use the add Steamworkshop icon or add local mod. It is recommended you put the Mods in your Arma 3 Directory or Documents and add the mods to arma 3 in the mods section.
  3. Once done hit the load all button feel free to make a preset. This should then look like the above picture.
  4. In the Servers tab under internet search Old Guys Gaming and Favorite them by clicking the star icon.
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