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Arma 3 PvE Server Rules


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Server Rules

General Rules:

  • Join the OGG group to help distinguish players from AI!
  • No PvP for any reason (includes self defense) let admins deal with it
  • No Stealing
  • No Base Raiding
  • Claim and mark missions within 2k from mission
  • No deleting other players map markers
  • Vehicles left unattended within 1km of the trader may be deleted at any time
  • Exploitation:
    • 1st Time: Warning
    • 2nd Time: Account reset
    • 3rd Time: Permanent Ban

Base Building:

  • No building within 1500m of trader
  • No building within 500m of spawn towns
  • No building within 200m of military/highloot buildings
  • No building within 150m of towns/cities
  • Remember to pay your base upkeep (20 days)

Advisory Rules:

  • Join TS to coordinate with other players/admins as necessary. Teamspeak: ts.old-guys-gaming.com

If you have a problem and no Admin is online first check TS and if no reply go to the relevant section in the help desk: https://old-guys-gaming.com/forum/index.php?/forum/71-help-desk/

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