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Upgrade Time


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OGG is having an upgrade!!

So the next week is going to be very busy so please keep an eye on the forums and this post especially.

We are moving Box 2 (Anything with the ip) to a new upgraded machine.

This move will take place next Complete

The new ip will be, this means the servers will go to the following ip's:

Arma 3 PvP:  Complete

Ark:                Complete

Life is Feudal has been changed from its old ip to More Details: https://old-guys-gaming.com/forum/index.php?/topic/653-new-server/


Teamspeak will also be moving 04/26/17 06:00 CST 12:00 BST 

For Teamspeak the current server will remain live until the 04/28/17 with a poke message with the new address. Be sure to change your bookmarks etc.

Finally Box 1 will be getting an upgrade in the first week of April, this will result in both Arma 3 PvE servers ( ip's) being unavailable for up to 4 hours Complete we will try and do this to have as low as an impact as possible.

We will try our best to make sure everything runs smoothly however there are risks so please be patient while we carry out the switches and to make sure if you find a problem to report it to an admin or under the help desk on the forum.

More Details may follow so please make sure you read the forums regularly.



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