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Upcoming OGG Space Engineers Web Series

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So, as i said on July 1st, i would have something ready to show you guys on August 1st, and I'm only a day late.

And as i did not include them in the video, here is a glimpse of some of the vehicles to be used in the first 10 episodes.

OGGNC Interdictor Arquebus:


(All those holes in the ground were made by 1-shot of the main 400mm cannon)

Masters Tanks:


(300mm artillery tank, vulcan minigun tank, and 600mm mobile battleship gun- unfinished and slated for an upcoming episode)

Masters Interstellar Fighter


(Two variants exist, one that prints/drops bombs and the other with 4 x3 missile pods)

For those interested in getting in on the upcoming episodes, as either a voice actor or principle actor (For which you will receive a unique team speak badge to show off your status as one of our web series actors), the game is available for $20 on steam, if you don't have it. http://store.steampowered.com/app/244850/

Please consider joining this group effort, i cant do it all alone.

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